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Hello! Thank you for checking out my sponsors/review copy page.

Designers: If your a designer and would like to be added to my sponsors list please feel free to drop me an IM or a notecard in-world.

Review copies: If you would like an item to be used on my blog, please feel free to send the item(s) as well as a notecard or an IM, along with the landmark and any special information, such as if its for a special event, if its on sale, etc.

Skin reviews: I have decided that to due to time and with all the items I do recieve, I can no longer show every make-up. I do try to incorporate your makeup(s) in more then one blog post however.

Past events I have blogged for: Vintage fair 2012, June festival 2012, Fantasy faire 2012, The big boobies show 2012, Kawaii fair 2013, The Boobies show birthday 2013.

Additional information: I DO NOT charge to use your item in my blog. I am thankful for each and every item I recieve, and I try to incorporate them as much as I can. Please also understand I CAN NOT blog every single thing that is sent, but I do my best.  

Thank you to all the designers for sending me something to blog about, I hope I did justice to what you sent. <33 Sash

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