Monday, September 28, 2015

Post #1615

Static Deadly top white @Suicide dollz
Static Idle hands black glitter gacha @Suicide dollz
Static Missy skirt gospel
Static melting goo tights black
Simple Knife clutch
Hollyweird Cleo punk heels @Suicide dollz
Pomposity Long spiked leather choker
Zombie Suicide Forhead cross implant
Zombie Suicide Laced surgical mask
Pink Fuel Morgana apricot makeup 1# RARE gacha @Arcade
Puncture eye studs 
Utopiah Ghatam headband fatpack n/a\
Truth Essena pastels
The Plastik Cleave jewelery
Call girl Long square nails 
Call girl black lace nail add on hud
Utopiah Sleepless eyeshadow set n/a
Goth1c0 Demon eyes
Decor(photo shoot)-
Candydoll rugs white
Floorplan pallet wall pink
Keke twinkling lights driftwood
Deadpool furryboned gacha kitty

Mesh parts-
Lara Maitreya mesh body
Slink av enhance rigged hands pack of all (I'm wearing casual)
Slink av enhance female high feet

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