Saturday, September 27, 2014

Post #1506

Top: Arise Zipper top w/app
Bottom: The Bishes Inc. mesh panties black 
Bottom 2#: Dirtystories Dirty doll (only skirt shown) @Suicide dollz
Hair: Dirtystories First date hair
Jewelery: Dirtystories barbed armband
Jewelery 2#: Dirtystories beware ring
Jewelery 3#: Dirtystories emo collar
Accessory: Dirtystories love head chain
Makeup: La petite morte nose tape
Shoes: Forever young Mystic stilletos for slink high @Thrift shop
Jewelery 5#: Babydoll Bow rings black
Jewelery 6#: Pomposity screaming rings
Jewelery 7#: Pomposity screaming bangles
Piercing: Pomposity egyptian goddess belly piercing gacha @Thrift shop
Accessory 2#: Birdy melancholy grimoire silver RARE gacha @The Secret Affair
Accessory 3#: Birdy melancholy thorned rose headband silver gacha @The Secret Affair
Jewelery 8#: Utopiah Dryadia necklace
Jewelery 9#: Random matter Olyvia necklace silver
Jewelery 10#: Chary nevermore cuff 5 gacha @The Secret Affair
Makeup 2#: DRD Happy doll mesh eyelashes
Makeup 3#: HR 3.0 pointy wet nails for slink causal
Makeup 4#: Glam Affair rose skin Loud mouth applier clean
 Piercing 2#: Mons septum piercing style 5
Skin: Glam affair Lindsey skin Asia fatpack @JP
Accessory 4#: Utopiah skeleton leg clips RARE gacha @Gacha mania
Accessory 5#: Utopiah skully gartered stockins raven w/app gacha @Gacha mania
Mouth: Loud mouth Brandee open
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing casual)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high
  Butt: cute azz mesh
Bewbs: Lola Deliq mesh breast

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