Thursday, September 11, 2014

Post #1501

Whatever Chloe skin line(from right to left)-snow,porcelain,creme,milk,honey&tea

 Top: Static Meow top w/app @The thrift shop
Bottom: Phobia momie leggings white w/app @Suicide dollz
Skin: Whatever Chloe creme tone
 Accessory: Nana Mika eye patch comet @Suicide dollz
Tattoo: Lustrage Mariko brows & tattoo box 
Makeup: Chickadee chick flick liner
Makeup 2#: Chickadee Bloom eyes fatpack mesh
Accessory 2#: Dirtystories dangerous girl legband
Accessory 3#: Dirtystories emo kit armband
Accessory 4#: Dirtystories Goth queen shoulder pads
Accessory 5#: Dirtystories Skeleton hair bow
Jewelery: Pink acid circus freak memborabilia pendant conjoined gacha
Jewlery 2#: Izzie's Aarya
Shoes: Alterego super tramp ultras pitch for slink high @Suicide dollz
Accessory 6#: Pomposity Gothic XXX crown @Suicide dollz
Jewelery 3#: Tapi tentacle earrings @Suicide dollz
Jewelery 4#: Tapi twisted choke collar @Suicide dollz
Slink nails: The little bat tipped bats mani/pedi for slink @The thrift shop
Tattoo 2#: The little bat bats for slink @The thrift shop
Plushie: Forever young puffy dragon black gacha @The thrift shop
Plushie 2#: GC bunny love white RARE gacha @The thrift shop
Accessory 7#: Dirtyland body belts n/a
 Makeup 3#: Glam affair Shironuri lashes coal
Piercing: Mons septum piercing style 15 materials
Hair: Truth Tulip pastels
Accessory 8#: Reign renegade clutch black RARE gacha
  Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing casual)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh fee high
  Butt: cute azz mesh

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