Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Top: ..S.. Floral sheer black @Swag fest
Top 2#: Babydoll fur jacket black mesh
Makeup: Adored Vanessa eyeshadows fatpack @Swag fest
Accessory: Pink acid all about gold clutch @Swag fest
Accessory 2#: Lustrage bubble goth headbands black/white/silver/gold RARE gacha
Accessory 3#: Muka cuff love
Makeup 2#: Adored swagga cheek tattoos fatpack @Swag fest
Makeup 3#: Whatever teeth 2.0 fatpack mesh 
Tattoo: Speakeasy Wide awake tattoo w/app @Suicide dollz
Bottom: Panik high queenie leggings baroque w/app @Kings & Queens fair opening soon!
Jewelery: LPD gold queen ring @Kings & Queens fair opening soon!
Jewelery 2#: G.ID supremacy ring gold @Kings & Queens fair opening soon!
Shoes: T.O.D. Voltage for slink high @Kings & Queens fair opening soon!
Jewlery 3#: T.O.D crown studs earrings @Kings & Queens fair opening soon!
Jewelery 4#: T.O.D crowned queen necklace @Kings & Queens fair opening soon!
Plushie: Half-deer Forest tale Ruffle Mcfeathers the grey owl gacha @Arcade opening soon!
Accessory 3#: Yumyums curious kitty tail coal @Oneword opening soon!
Slink nails: LB chevron lined gold mani/pedi
Piercing: Mons septum piercing style 1
Hair: Soonsiki Ginja pastels
Makeup 3#: Suicidal unborn Lucy eyes mesh fatpack
Makeup 4#: Gaeline creations phantasmagoria
Skin: Alterego Typha skin pale fatpack
Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing casual)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high
  Butt: cute azz mesh

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