Saturday, July 19, 2014

Post #1468

Top: Gothica Gummy drop top mesh
Bottom: The Bishes micro shorts light pink w/app
Hair: Ploom Carrie ploomage mesh @Hair fair
Accessory: The Sugar Garden Megane classic bubblegum
Shoes: Babydoll Stripper heels leo for slink high 
Skin: Pink Acid Annette latte tone
Plushie: Half-deer Pygmy goats rainbow unicorn shoulder RARE gacha
Accessory 2#: s[M] Charmed bowwies pink cute @Manga fair
Accessory 3#: Hollipocket Cutieh tootieh accessory set 1
Accessory 4#: Hollipocket Cutieh tootieh accessory set 2
Slink nails: Utopiah My handy melty claws add-on for slink modifiable
Plushie 2#: Geek Baby Nessy monster teal @Project limited
Accessory 5#: Utopiah My bay doty headband fatpack
Plushie 3#: Panik Mini octokawaii cyan
Plushie 4#: Panik mini octokawaii rose
Jewelery: Utopiah My melty bat rings mint gacha
Tattoo: La petit morte kawaii knee stickers rainbow RARE gacha @Seasons story
Accessory 5#: Chary Bone me bow black/white RARE gacha
Jewelery 2#: Sweet thing Sillybaking Oops odd grape earrings RARE gacha
Jewelery 3#: Alterego Panda necklace white @Suicide dollz
Accessory 6#: Sweet thing Sillybaking berry stache gacha
Accessory 7#: Sweet thing Sillybaking choco mixer gacha
Makeup: Pekka teeth+pout
Makeup 2#: Buzz summer gloss flamingo @Cosmetic fair beach party
Makeup 3#: Song GLitter glam + liner @Cosmetic fair beach party
 Hands: Slink mesh hands rigged pack of all (I'm wearing casual)  
Feet: Slink Avenhance mesh feet high
  Butt: cute azz mesh

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