Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post #1048

Outfit: Crazy kitty Sexy patriot
Makeup: Envious Independence makeup
Makeup: Pekka Juicy lips v2
Hair: Ploom Courtney ploomage mesh
Piercing: Utopiah Independence piercing

Post #1047

Lingerie: 1 hundred Slip off suit pink w/tango applier
Hair: Truth Elody colors mesh
Jewelery: Candy crunchers mustache necklace baby pink
Accessory: RO Insignia most bitchy @SL fashion week 
Piercing: Zombie suicide monroe piercing
Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Juicy love lips mesh
Jewelery: Mes petites coutures cubstiq checkered mesh

Post #1046

Outfit: May's soul Pacme mesh
Hair: Dela Lala blacks/white mesh
Skin: Izzie's Holly fair
Makeup: AnnaA Eye makeup party
Makeup: AnnaA softies lipstick

Post #1045

Outfit: Pink acid Sandra studded black dress mesh @SFW
Makeup: Pink acid City slicks lipgloss 10 pack
Piercing: Pekka Worthy unisex piercing black
Shoes: alterego poison pumps mesh
Tattoo: Delicious bitch tattoo
Arm tattoo:Suicide girl Death female tattoo
Leg tattoo: Suicide Underworld tattoo
Accessory: Mes sucreries Weird horns v2 black mesh
Accessory: Skank army eyepatch cheetah
Accessory: Glam affair Spiked shoulder pads black mesh
Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Bangles Night rocker mesh
Skin: Izzie's Holly skin fair

Post #1044

Outfit: Tay-lay designs Wild thing outfit partial mesh Includes: boots, top, skirt & pendant
Hair: Truth Kerri colors mesh

Outfit: Tay-lay designs Dangerous outfit 2 Includes: top, skirt, boots, tattoo & bracelets
Nails: A&A drop nails pink @Arcade gatcha

Skin: Glam affair Summer petal shown for both pictures

Post #1043

Top: alterego Sash tube top mesh
Bottom: Forever young Lacey mini skirt w/10 color hud mesh
Hair: Ploom June ploomage mesh
Tattoo: Bubblegum queen disney tattoo
Ears: Zombie suicide mesh base gauged ears w/hello kitty plugs & piercing set #3 
Jewelery: Iruco bow tie necklace black @Arcade gatcha
Jewelery: Tentacio Glam ring in pink
Shape Zombie suicide Katrina shape
Shoes: Whatever CG sneaker pattern fatpack mesh
Makeup: AnnaA lip stick rainbow softies

Post #1042

Bottom: R3volt Madison capris v2 mesh
Skin: Mystic canvas Nell skin with tango appliers
Accessory: Kennedy's Shut up mask teeth mesh
Accessory: Juicy Fallen horns
Shoes: alterego showstoppa Limited edition skullies n/a mesh
Jewelery: Pink bandaid Cunt bracelets mesh

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Post #1041

Outfit: Corvus killer school girl outfit mesh
Shoes: alterego showstoppa skullies Limited edition n/a
Makeup: Delusions I bit yew
Accessory: Mes sucreries Weird horns black mesh
Accessory: Skank army eyepatch white spiked
Jewelery: Delicious mutliple bangles
Jewelery: The pink band aid Lady fingers bad bitch
Nails: Unborn creations sweet pain extra long nails black

Friday, June 28, 2013

Post #1040

Bottom: Kennedy's Impulse baggy capri pattern w/hud mesh
Hair: Dela Lala party dipped colors mesh
Accessory: Juicy Coquette
Makeup: Delusions Barbie doll lustful lipsticks
Tattoo: Utopiah Body of a leopard tattoo w/tango applier @TBS
Makeup: Nuuna tattoo eyebrows

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post #1039

Dress: Kennedy's Anxious skull dress mesh 4Black friday
Accessory: Juicy Coquette horns
Makeup: Delusions Wrteched face makeup
Tattoo: Delusions Monster you made
Shoes: Alterego poison pumps mesh
Accessory: Alterego mesh leg warmers
Piercing: ni.ju chain chomp piercing
Accessory: Candy Crunchers Shoulder spike pet Lil' angry (on left) & purrrrfect (on right)

I want to welcome my two newest sponsors! Kennedy's makes punk style mesh clothing, such as dresses, tops, and accessories, mask and such. Limo here. Candy crunchers makes kawaii types of items from clothes to accessories. Limo here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post #1038

Skin: Zombie suicide Lindsey Skin Tone #1 
Hair: Action Amelie overdose mesh
Piercing: Utopiah Cute mimie nipples piercing
Bottom: Crazy kitty Bows skirt mesh
Tattoo: Pink acid Cupcake tattoo
Makeup: Rozena Juicy tint fatpack @Cosmetics fair (shown below)
Makeup: Glam affair Colorful eyeliner fatpack @Cosmetics fair (shown below)
Nails: Utopiah Mess rings in silver
Shoes: Crazy kitty Shoes w/legwarmers mesh
Jewelery: epoque.s abrasive cuff fatpack
Accessory: Hollipocket Lace short gloves set 1 full pocket
 Meet, Lindsey! Her fatpack comes with 4 makeups, 2 levels of face freckles,2 levels of full body freckles, 2 levels of blush, Slink hand applier, and a tango/lush applier. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Post #1037

Outfit: Hollipocket She ratchet dress firecracka bursts Includes pasties @Perfect wardrobe
Shoes: Forever young Nia platforms graffiti pack mesh
Hair: Ploom Jacquie ploomage mesh
Purse: Blah My studded purse United states of america mesh

Post #1036

Bottom: Ducknipple Rona skirt w/hud mesh
Shoes: Ducknipple Summer wedges w/hud mesh
Hair: Ploom Jacquie ploomage mesh
Accessory: Hollipocket Heart these pasties set 1
Makeup: Pink fuel Glossy pout lipsticks Brights pack
Accessory: Delicious Diams eye patch

Post #1035

Outfit: Hollipocket She ratchet minis set 2 mesh
Accessory: Hollipocket Heart these pasties set 2 for lolas or lush
Skin: Pink fuel Alyx vanilla 
Makeup: Pink fuel Glossy pout lipsticks pinks
Hair: Ploom Knitty ploomage mesh
Makeup: Shabby cat Slink nail enhancement #3 for mani & pedi (sold separately)
Piercing: Ivy Sheena 
Accessory: Sugar emporium iSugar phone pink

Wewt! Pink fuel released Slink skin huds, today, and I am showing off my pretty feet again. :) Mrs. Mochi also released a TON of new lipglosses, too, but I am showing off my fav color(in case you didnt know it, its PINK!!). Oh and dont tell anyone, but I think I am a Lush convert. Hope you all enjoy the look!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Post #1034

Dress: cheeky! Tally dress black mesh w/tango applier
Hair: Exile You've got the love wild fusion 2 mesh
Jewelery: Baiastice Triple skulls leather cuff black 1
Accessory: Utopiah Bow headband in black

Post #1033

Top: cheeky! Bowing cardigan pink mesh w/tango applier
Bottom: cheeky! pipe jeans black mesh
Shoes: Crazy kitty Kitty crazy shoes mesh
Accessory: Juicy fallen
Makeup: Lovely disarray Break down makeup
Makeup: Pink acid Subtle lip gloss

Post #1032

Top: Hollipocket Tookie lookie Cheery pie w/tango appliers
Bottom: R3volt Leah skirt v3 mesh
Hair: eep hair 15 fades 2
Makeup: Pink acid Doll face lip shine 6 pack
Makeup: Pink acid Everyday prim alpha eye makeup 5 pack
Piercing: Hebenon vial Anonymous piercing ink
Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Ramona 77 leather studded
Jewelery: Cute poison Bitch necklace
Shoes: Epic Neo trekkers foot gear stripes Limited edition N/A

Post #1031

Outfit: R3volt Meg dress v1 mesh
Hair: Truth Jolene mesh colors
Makeup: White widow face tattoo Egypt
Makeup: Essences Endless night lipstick full pack @Cosmetics fair
Makeup: Essences Fake painted eyebrows pink @Cosmetics fair

Post #1030

Skirt: R3volt Leah skirt v1 mesh
Makeup: Lovely disarray I'm no priest
Skin: Zombie suicide Lindsey skin #2 tone 1
Piercing: Utopiah Crossed nipple piercings black
Makeup: Zombie suicide Firework lips @Perfect wardrobe
Tattoo: Fappy Swallow love mesh tattoo
Shoes: Epic Neo trekkers foot gear rainbow pack Limited edition N/A
Tail: Poptart Gamer tail in pink

Post #1029

Skirt: R3volt Mae skirt mesh
Hair: Ploom Zumah mesh ploomage
Piercing: Utopiah Cute mimie nipple piercings @TBS
Piercing: Pekka Chest hearts black @TBS
Makeup: BGTT Hi gloss nips pack @TBS
Shoes: Ducknipple Socks & shoes w/hud
Skin: Essences Whisper light rose @TDRF
Accessory: Zombie suicide Zebra cross plugs 4 Endless summer hunt item

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Post #1028

Accessories: Panda express Feral set black includes: ears, tails, whiskers & legs
Accessory: Panda express Relent digi socks add-on
Makeup: Zombie suicide Firework lips @Perfect wardrobe
Accessory: Fappy Tango pasties set 1 
Accessory: Panda express S(aint) blindfold
Jewelery: Blah My dogma choker black/pink
Piercing: Hebenon vial minimalist ink

Friday, June 21, 2013

Post #1027

Top: cheeky! splash tank w/tango appliers 4 Endless Summer hunt
Bottom: The Bishes Inc Denim shorts leo mesh
Skin: Zombie suicide Lindsey Tone 1 makeup 1 
Shoes: Alterego Showstoppa mesh @Pride fair
Piercing: Utopiah Spider bites piercing set
Tattoo: Tenjin On the road to ruin mesh
Makeup: Pink acid Top exotic alpha 5 pack

Post #1026

Dress: Poptart cheeky dress pink glitter mesh
Hair: Ploom Kat ploomage mesh
Skin: Ploom Gia vanilla starfish
Shoes: Crazy kitty Sexy overknees mix mesh
Tattoo: Delusions 7 Deadly sins tattoo pack
Piercing: Pekka Rake piercing
Accessory: Sugar emporium Kandaii spiked garter & gun pink/black
Accessory: Tentacio Glam clutch metal pink mesh

I would like to welcome my newest sponsor, Sugar emporium. Lots of cuteness, and pinkness! She is on the marketplace, (link above) and her in-world store will be opening soon!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Post #1025

Dress: cheeky! Tally dress black mesh w/tango applier (I am wearing my Lush)
Accessory: Lark Jelly glitter headbands Subscriber group gift
Makeup: Lovely mi Eyeliner 2.0 collection @Cosmetics fair
Shoes: Epic Ultima hidden platform pumps 
Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Summer ladybird pink 1 gatcha
Nails: ae meth Miami nails for Slink nails
Jewelery: Baiastice spike studs leather cuff black gatcha

Monday, June 17, 2013

Post #1024

Dress: cheeky! Bella balloon dress black mesh
Hair: Exile Desperately wanting wild fusion 2 mesh
Makeup: Pekka Metallic under eyeliner v2 @Cosmetics fair
Makeup: Pekka Juicy lips v2 @Cosmetics fair
Eyes: ID Tropical eyes galaxy @Cosmetics fair
Nails: Shakeup Nail lacquer b/w For Slink hands @Cosmetics fair
Jewelery: Utopiah Mess rings silver For Slink hands
Shoes: Epic Neo-trekkers foot gear stripes Limited edition
Jewelery: Scrub cameo necklace

Post #1023

Dress: Corvus Chopped mini black mesh
Hair: Dela Lana party tipped colors mesh
Nails: Shock factory Summer breeze nails almond series
Accessory: Aux Fly free pegasus RARE gatcha
Shoes: Epic Neo trekkers foot gear stripes pack mesh Limited edition
Skin: Glam affair Summer america @Summerfest

Post #1022

Outfit: Poptart Drip outfit w/tango applier @Perfect wardrobe
Hair: D!va Mimi onyx mesh @Collabor88
Makeup: The sugar garden Lip laquer in meow w/teeth @Cosmetics fair
Eyes: The sugar garden Dark skies mesh in dark & light brown VIP group gift

Post #1021

 Outfit: Tay-lay designs Street style outfit 5 partial mesh Includes: shirt, jacket, shoes,skirt,lollipop & cell phone w/headphones
Hair: Truth Colbie colors mesh
Nails: Izzie's French long nails

Outfit: Tay-lay designs Street style outfit 7 partial mesh Includes: dress,shoes,spray can, bikini,bandana & cell phone/headphones
Piercing: Utopiah

Post #1020

Bottom: Hollipocket Slip in minis set 1 @Thrift shop
Hair: Exile Celebrity skin wild fusion 2 mesh
Face Piercing: Utopiah Canine bites piercing set @Stuff in stock
Nipple piercings: Pekka Savage nipple piercing black @TBS
Jewelery: Forever young Rebel collar mesh
Shoes: Crush nitro sneakers mesh
Accessory: Cutesh!t Unicorn horns pastel
Ears: RE Lux Krista piercings & ears
Tattoo: Tenjin Living life like a song tattoo mesh

Post #1019

Outfit: Epic boobies Summer school uniform grey/bloody w/tango-lush applier @Lubbly Jubbilies
Accessory: Milk My needy horns envy
Hair: Diva Lili onyx mesh @Collabor88
Shoes: Crazy kitty Lolita heels w/socks mesh
Skin: AnnaA Rhina pale
Accessory: SpoiledLilBrat Kitty meow socks b/w 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Post #1018

Top: Tentacio Deadly sins top Lust w/tango appliers (not shown)@Perfect wardrobe
Bottom: Anatomy Belted skool skirts pink mesh
Shoes: Crazy kitty Legwarmer + shoes mesh
Hair: Chemisty Buttons blooms mesh
Tattoo: Tenjin Willow fairy tattoo
Accessory: Zombie suicide mesh gauged ear bases w/Hello kitty add-on & piercing set 4 add-on(all sold separately)
Makeup: Pink acid Dr D lips 6 pack

Post #1017

Top: Ducknipple Anito duo mesh
Bottom: R3volt Mia zipped skirt mesh v1
Makeup: Lovely disarray The ophidian @Cosmetic fair
Shoes: Crazy kitty High sexy legwarmers + dark styles
Accessory: Utopiah My latex headband magenta gatcha
Piercing: Utopiah Snake bites @Stuff in stock

Monday, June 10, 2013

Post #1016

Outfit: PWH Strawberry shortcake body suit w/tango appliers @Bewbapalozza
Hair: Dela Shell colors mesh
Shoes: Poptart chibi winged boots pinkwing/pinkfade
Nails: Utopiah Strawberry ice cream
Tattoo: Damned Ureshii tattoo

Post #1015

Outfit: Sugahtitz Barely there Barbie w/tango appliers @Bewbapalozza
Shoes: Whatever spiked stripper boots pink mesh
Hair: Dela Scarlette party dipped colors mesh
Accessory: Nerdmonkey striped stocking fat pack 2
Accessory: Epic rigged mesh arm warmers leopard

Post #1014

Top: Alterego Latex tops mesh
Bottom: Ducknipple Imker skirt w/hud mesh
Hair: Dela Moelleux dipped party colors mesh
Shoes: Epic 2.0 digi stockings set black mesh
Tattoo: Utopiah Pink leopard in action
Piercing: Anna Face piercing regret pink
Accessory: RO Kit10 calico mesh
Jewelery: Lark sweet dreams kitty necklace @FPF
Makeup: Mystic canvas Lower liners

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Post #1013

Outfit: QE Teenie kini skulls w/Tango appliers
Hair: Truth Storm colors mesh
Accessory: N summer tote 2-1 gatcha @TTS
Shoes: Redgrave Carries mesh
Accessory: Utopiah pink pierced tongue gatcha
Jewelery: Mon cheri Vintage necklace strong will @Numberology

Post #1012

Top: R3volt Pepper half-top v3 mesh
Skirt: R3volt Victoria skirt v1 mesh
Skin: Mystic canvas Tanya skin & bonus shape
Hair: Truth Candy colors mesh
Shoes: Razor Regulator combat boots full pack mesh

Post #1011

Dress: Sassy! Simply ravishing dress black w/tango appliers
Hair: Wasabi pills Haley blacks mesh
Accessory: Half-deer Sweet dreams unicorn set Bad apple Rare @Arcade gatcha
Shoes: Whatever spike stripper boot zebra mesh @WCFM
Jewelery: Mystic canvas Indo collar black mesh
Makeup: TSG Lip tinte medium tone

Post #1010

Outfit: Forever young Bri outfit w/tango appliers(not shown) Includes: top, jeans, ring & bangle
Hair: Truth Bobbie colors mesh
Shoes: !ellemeno! slip-ons owls gatcha @TTS
Accessory: !ellemeno! clean glasses-pink gatcha @TTS
Accessory: RO Eloize kawaii @SL fashion week
Jewelery: katat0nik cake 1 wonderland pendant @Arcade gatcha

Post #1009

Outfit: R3volt Isis outfit mesh
Hair: Truth Delta colors mesh
Accessory: Pure poison Bitch clutch black rare gatcha @TTS
Shoes: Kre-ations Warmy heels Damask gatcha @TTS
Jewelery: !Blah My cute spiky choker pink&violet
Accessory: Candy mountain Patchy patch

Post #1008

Outfit: Corvus Everything eve dress mesh
Shoes: Kre-ations Warmy heels memento mori mesh gatcha @TTS
Hair: Wasabi pills Lory mesh rare @Arcade gatcha
Accessory: !ellemeno! bigger bow pink polka gatcha @TTS
Bracelet: O.M.E.N. spiked bracelets mesh
Accessory: [S] gas mask kitty gatcha @TTS
Jewelery: Cute poison Multi-cross necklace neons pink

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Post #1007

Sash <3
Outfit: Epic boobies latex ascension dress black w/tango appliers
Hair: Truth Elody colors mesh @Fameshed
Shoes: Kre-ations Warmy heels 01 black dots mesh gatcha! @The thrift shop

Bottoms: Zombie suicide Black jeans w/boxers
Accessory: Zombie suicide Fleshy horns
Accessory: Zombie suicide mesh male ears w/checkered add-ons & piercing set #3 add-ons
Piercing: Hod Otherside
Tattoo: Utopiah Vice of the wicked tattoo

Friday, June 7, 2013

Post #1006

Outfit: Alterego Blank w/Tango applier mesh
Hair: Exile Fire to the rain wild fusion 2 mesh
Shoes: Alterego platform stilettos & legwarmers crazy mesh
Skin: Glam affair Cleo america fatpack
Nails: Black liquid metallic ombre nails
Jewelery: Pepper broche ring

Post #1888

Sponsors-  PsychoBarbie Trick R Treat outfit @Mainstore Mello Creepy cute gacha / 03 mystery hair gacha @Gacha Guardians 1313...