Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post #1213

Lingerie: L!ke Candy corn queen w/tango & phat azz appliers (includes: lingerie, candy corn nahm, candy corn hair accessory) @Bewbapalooza
Crown: Luckie Glammie crown Halloween shiney @Body mod fair 2013
Chest horns: Zombie suicide fleshy chest horns
Shoes: Zombie suicide Revenge heels V3
Rings: Cute poison Spiked rings black
Lipgloss: Pink acid Fruit shimmer lipstick 8 pack
Wings: Hollipocket Flutter by wings Candy corn @Jersey shore OMG!
Accessory: RD Candy apple Minnie black cat @Jersey shore OMG!
Bewb tattoo: Chary goth tango tattoos w/tango applier
Leg tattoo:  Utopiah Whisper evil tattoo w/phat azz applier
Hair: Truth Stephanie colors mesh
Bracelets: Loulou&co Morte mia orange
Necklace: EZ's heirloom The raven choker
Slink nails: Caroline's Halloween nail polish for slink nails
Legwarmers: Milk My kawaii legwarmers mesh
 Makeup: Utopiah Painted face Hidden look makeup
Horns: Utopiah Sweet sheep horns raven @Candy fair 2013
Piercings: Sugar heart Mesh dimple piercings, Mesh monroe piercing & mesh septum piering (all in spooky glitter and sold separately)

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