Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Post #873

Outfit: Bitch tail Mhm mesh
Shoes: Bitch tail correction mesh sneakers pink
Tattoo: Delusions Hushabye skulled chest tattoo
Ears: Zombie suicide mesh ear base gauges w/ black bling add-ons, horned plug add-ons and piercing set #3 add-ons (add-ons are sold seperately)
Nails/rings/bracelets: RE Nox Era gold set
Skin: Pink fuel Alena vanilla azure
Piercing: Shock factory Kiss my spikes piercing @Luck of the Irish gacha fair

Post #872

Dress: STC Ivy mesh dress rose
Hair: Truth January mesh blacks/whites
Ears: Zombie suicide mesh gauged ear bases w/black bling tunnel add-ons, double loop add-ons, piercing set #3 add-ons (add-ons are purchased seperately)
Jewelery: Pepper Crown fatpack in black (necklace, neck tattoo,bracelet & headband)
Ring: RO Famous @Sl fashion week
Shoes: Diktator Eny baroque heels in black
Skin: Blush Bea skin @Gypsy fair exclusive
Arm tattoo: Utopiah Beyond the forbidden arm mesh tattoo

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Post #871

Dress: BDR I'm your only wish w/Lush appliers in black
Piercing: Hebenon Vial Agression frost edition
Makeup: Dead apples Smudged metallic underliners
Nails: Mstyle Long nails v2 cracked
Ears: Persefona bunny ears fatpack
Ring: Swallow bad ring fuschia/silver

Post #870

Dress: Boobielicious My sugar dress skull
Hair: Truth Magdalena blacks/whites mesh
Eyeshadow: Dead apples glam eyeshadow
Shoes: Dikator Envy baroque heels in black
Piercing: Utopiah Tied piercing
Tattoo: Utopiah Beyond the forbidden arm mesh tattoo
Gloves: L.inc Bish gloves pattern fatpack mesh
Skin: Belleza Ava in pale
Breasts: Lush deviant 1.3
Ears: Mandala stretched Omni ears 
 Eyes: SU Sora eyes fatpack

Post #869

Dress: STC April mesh dress in pink
Headband: Blah! My princess pearl headband pink/black
Gloves: L.inc Bish gloves pattern fatpack
Tattoo: Utopiah Beyond the forbidden mesh
Piercing: Utopiah Tied piercing 4Lazy sunday
Shoes: Whatever Stripper boots mesh fatpack
Stool/pose prop: Axix Pin-up stool poser

Isn't the stool just adorable? I choose to wear a dress, from STC and I kinda forgot mesh and sitting down is a bad idea. But the pictures came out pretty cute and sexy I thought. The stool has 10 poses, and the stool cushion changes texture. I choose 3 of my fav textures to show you, as well as 3 poses.

Post #868

Outfit: Bitch tail Better off mesh
Shoes: Whatever Stripper boots blush Group gift
Hair: Truth Magdalena blacks/whites mesh
Gloves: L.inc Bish gloves solid fatpack
Crown: Luckie Princess/queen combo @The black market
Piercing: Utopiah Tied piercing 4 Lazy sunday
Leg tattoo: Utopiah Leopard in my leg
Chest tattoo: Utopiah Fuck the fake

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Post #867

Outfit: Bitch tail Pny up bitch mesh
Hair: Truth Magdelena blacks/whites mesh
Gloves: L.inc Bish gloves solid color fatpack mesh
Tattoo: Utopiah Skull pierced mesh
Shoes: Whatever CG spikes blush Group gift
Earrings: Kosh Sanctuary inverted cross earrings
Tattoo: Little pricks Ur spotted face tattoo
Bracelets: Whatever Menotte de la nuit

Post #866

Outfit: Bitch tail Fuck your feelings mesh
Shoes: Whatever Mika Group gift
Headband: Whatever spiked headband black
Piercing: Hebenon Vial Spiritus sanctus (no crosses)
Earrings: Kosh Sanctuary inverted earrings
Tattoo: Redrum Inverted tattoo
Rings/nails: RE Nox era nails & rings

Friday, February 22, 2013

Post #865

Skirt: Dirtyland mesh Hoa mini skirt v2
Panties: Epic mesh panty droppers yummy mr. moustache
Tattoo: Hollipocket Animalistic colorful leo tattoo
Rings: Cute poison Diamond star ring pack 1
Piercing: Cute poison Corset neck piercings
Nails: Shock factory Lace me up nails
Shoes: Whatever Spike stripper boots fatpack
Bracelets: Epoque abrasive cuffs
Face piercings: Puncture smiley, puncture anglebite & puncture dimples (sold seperately)
Piercing: Puncture Dermal spike implants cleavage phatpack @The boobies show
Headband: Blah my beloved headband black/pink

Post #864

Dress: Sakide Silky latex mesh dress in pink
Shoes: Whatever CG spikes fatpack @SL fashion week
Bracelet: Whatever collier de chein fatpack
Nails: Shock factory Lace obsession nails
Tattoo: Utopiah Once upon a time tattoo
Collar: Cute poison Posture collar cross
Earrings: Cute poison Wing piercings @SL fashion week
Poses: Axix model pack #1 & model pack #2
Ring: Cute poison diamond star ring pack 1
Ring: RO Famous ring @SL fashion week

Welcome my newest sponsor, Axix to our happy little family. Mrs. Elise specializes in AO's and photo poses. I am showing off a few poses from the two model packs mentioned above. Be sure to head down, join her in-world group to stay up to date, and grab up some of her great items! 

Check out my shoes! I fell in love with them, and went to the store and bought the other fatpack too, so you will be seeing a lot of the shoes. I am still on my spike kick. The ombre ones I am wearing are available at SL fashion week, and the regular ones are at the Whatever main store.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Post #863

Corset: MV Deco zombie mesh corset
Skirt: Insanya Gia skirt
Shoes: MV Deco zombie heels
Hair: Tameless Eva mesh hair in blacks
Piercing: Utopiah Betrayal piercing
Nipple piecing: Utopiah chained nipples piercing
Tattoo: Utopiah Urban topic mesh

Post #862

Dress: Aliza karu Twine exclusive 
Hair: Tameless Donna mesh in blacks
Shoes: Pink acid Jackie wedge black coal velvet
Lipgloss: Pink acid baby fat lips in cherry

Post #861

Dress: Sassy! Scandalous dress w/Tango appliers in black
Crown: RO Once upon a crown
Nails: Mstyle Domina longest nails
Bracelets: Epoque Menotte de la nuit
Ring: Epoque bloodthirsty ring
Piercing: Utopiah Leaky piercing

Post #860

Dress: Adoness Nympalidae
Nails: Adoness Love fairy nails Group gift
Hair: Action Lita colors mesh
Shoes: Vita's Boudoir butterfly shoes collection
Makeup: Damned freckles fatpack

Post #859

Top: Corvus Skull mia mesh top sweater w/tank
Pants: Sakide Flare mesh jeans in black
Hair: DeLa Wixson mesh hair blacks/whites
Piercing: Utopiah Puncture piercing
Bag: RO Cats in the bag
Makeup: Utopiah Zombie makeup 1#

Post #1890

 On me (bear) Sponsors-  Mello Creepin it real / lamebrain killer bat 01 gacha @Pocket Gacha Nightmare Nail set metallic tip...