Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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 Top: Hollipocket Holey moley aquarmarine w/Tango applier
Leggings: Hollipocket Teeny tighty baby/cupcakey
Garter: Hollipocket Smexay garters full pocket
Hair: Truth Zuzka blacks/white mesh
Makeup: Janis Sugar smoke beauty box
Shoes: Kiki designs Coqueta leo mesh

Hiya ghouls! I have spending a lot on time on marketplace looking for great new products, and I came across this makeup line. There are what I would say are makeup sets, where you get like an eyeliner, shadow, and lipglosses or lipsticks, all in one set. You can also purchase stuff by themselves. Most of the makeups are under $200 with lots of options. I am also jumping for joy, over my shoes! I am getting a lot better with mesh shoes, I hope my blending is getting better. The Leo shoes are from the same company that did the spike shoes I love so much. (Expect to see those as well as my fav black boon on me again VERY soon.) Here is the marketplace link to Janis, I hope you girls love the makeups!

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