Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Post #668

Top: Holli pocket Ootesy cutsie tops set 4 w/appliers (appliers sold separately)

Pants: Holli pocket Sport flower mesh pants

Hair: [e] Mood rainbow colors

Lipstick: Pink acid koolaid lipstick 8 pack

Post #667

Costume: Beautiful, dirty, rich Queen of hearts mesh costume

Skin: Al vulo! Livia fatpack bronze

Hair: Exile Heartbeats wildcards

Costume: Beautiful, dirty, rich Snow white mesh costume

Hair: Ploom Stacey mesh hair

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post #666

Outfit: Holli pocket fishy tight minis 4GFW

Hair: Exile Daniela wildcards

Eyeshadow: Mons eyeshadow mystery

Lipgloss: Pink acid basic lip shine lipgloss 16 pack

Earrings: Mon cheri peacock feather earrings palette 3

Ring: Maxi Gossamer gigi shimmer bows

Auto Draft

Post #665

Outfit: Holli pocket Hoho suit cheetah set 2 @The boobies show

Hair: Truth Josie fades

Necklace: Fairytale papillon long silver

Eye makeup: Mons eyeliner hippie

Ring: Jinkies Lego ring

Gloves: Glue ink Ree gloves overload

Post #664

Dress: Sugar and Cyanide Emily mesh dress @The forgotten closet

Hair: Exile Almost had me wild fusion

Headband: Bubble Leo bowie headband

Necklaces: Maxi Gossamer color mixing pearls

Post #663

Outfit: Sassy wisp dress in purple @The forgotten closet

Hair: Magika mesh 03 Visit

Makeup: Utopiah Dark bird set makeup

Chest piercings: HoD Nara facial & chest piercings

Face piercing: HoD Dimpled deluxe piercing

Nails: Scrub break one's back

Bracelets: Loulou&co morte mia

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Post #662

Dress: Epic mesh Cattie bubble dress @Perfect wardrobe

Hat: Epic mesh Kawaii battie witches hat @Perfect wardrobe

Broom: Epic Kawaii Learnin' how to fly! @Perfect wardrobe

I know its a day away till Halloween, but I am taking Monday off from blogging, and I wanted to get this cute outfit up. I have also been practicing a LOT on my hair drawing skills I want to wish everyone a safe, fun and spooky Halloween! It's my fav holiday out of the year, and I plan on being back blogging for it. Of course watching a few horror movies too!

Post #661 HH #3

Lingerie: Blacklace beauty October group gift

Hair: Exile Wild horses wild fusion

Face tattoo: Zombie suicide Day of the dead facepaint 4Horror Haute

Eyes: Zombie suicide Frosted eyes pack in black

Shoes: Cute poison Murda face boots 4Horror Haute

Tattoo: Utopiah Bloody night tattoo

Post #660

Top: Holli pocket Bewbie tops barbie @The boobies show

Pants: The T-whore Desnudate skinny ripped jeans pink

Hair: Truth Jemima mesh

Piercing: Cute poison clown piercing

Necklace: Cute poison Bitch necklace

Armwarmers: Zombie suicide mesh plain armwarmer dark grey Gacha @ Zombie suicide

Tattoo: Utopiah Don't mess with a princess tattoo

Post #659 HH #2

Dress: Tentacio skull mesh dress @ Perfect wardrobe

Hair: Ploom Jemma mesh

Bag: Tentacio Halloween nina bag Group gift

Eyes: Kre-ations open your eyes rag dog 4Horror Haute

Necklace: Sugar and cyanide Halloween necklace bat @Scary face gacha

Nahm: Beyond the stars candy corn cookie @Scary face gacha

Post #658 HH

Top: MV Spineshank corset mesh fatpack in pumpkin

Skirt: Zombie suicide Uber short knitted skirt

Hair: Ploom Kami mesh

Collar: Scrub webcollar

Nails: Scrub Jack nails

Rings: Hysteria This is halloween

Friday, October 26, 2012

Post #657

Lingerie: The sugar garden strapless bra & panties baby pink cotton w/bow

Hair: Magika 03 yesterday mesh hair

Piercing: Cute poison Decora dermal piercing

Gloves: Holli pocket fishup netty gloves full pack aqua

Bracelets: A&M my fav bracelet white pearl

Tattoo: Utopiah pink garden of my body tattoo

Makeup: Blacklace beauty October group gift

Nails: WTG ribbon classic jeweled nails

Teeth: Shine prim teeth vampire pack

Ears: Auxiliary mouse ears white 3 N/A

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Post #656

Panties: Dirtyland <3 tiny panties w/bows

Hair: Magika 03 mesh tomorrow

Hands: Miasnow bird finger

Hair bow: Laviere candy bows

Tattoo/dildo/nipple piercings: Utopiah Beautiful diaster @The boobies show

Arm tattoo: KatatOnik sugar rush sleeves

Piercing: Puncture dimple piercing

Teeth: Shine prim teeth horror pack

Post #655

Dress: Holli pocket Statilicious mini zebra flowas @I<3Fashion

Hair: Truth Cheyenne mesh fades

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty dreamy eyeshadows

Lipgloss: mock cosmetics lip gelle fatpack

Rings: Bens beauty micky mouse rings

Gloves: Holli pocket Lace shorty gloves set 2 full pocket @Scary face gacha fair

Piercings: Puncture dimple piercings

Chest tattoo: Utopiah keep calm & kill me

Arm sleeves: KatatOnik sugar rush sleeves

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post #654

Outfit: Panda express Naughty nurse fades bloody @The Boobies show

Hair: Truth Mindy mesh fades

Panties: Dirtyland <3 tiny panties

Gloves: Holli pocket Lace shorty gloves set 1 full pocket

Makeup: Pekka Your warrior face paint @Stuff in stock

Eyeliner: Mons black eyeliner series

Rings: alter ego Halloween rings

Piercing: Puncture dimple piercings

Post #653

Top: BE; oh so cute kitty mesh corset @the boobies show

Hair: Truth Rashida mesh fades

Gloves: Holli pocket lace shorty gloves set 1 fullpocket

Ring: Bens beauty love is burning ring

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer necklace pearls combo sets pink

Piercing: Puncture dimple piercings

Eyeshadow: mons eyeshadow full

Lipstick: mock cosmetics opal lipcolor fatpack

Bow: Laviere candy bows <33 Grace for telling me about the bows!

Nails: mstyle extra long nails

Shoes: Severed garden nana pumps

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post #652

Outfit: Mes sucreries love your body pink @The boobies show

Hair: Exile Catch my breath mesh wild fusion

Bow: Blah my dolly bow light bow @BLAH gacha

Knife: Blah my butcher knife pink @BLAH gacha

Tattoo: Utopiah serial killer tattoo

Chest tattoo: Utopiah my cute black cat

Rings: alter ego assorted halloween rings

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty winter cloud shadows

Post #651

Dress: Dark midday designs Halloween mesh dress Group gift

Shoes: Severed garden Halloween pumps

Hair: Magika 03 mesh Sigh

Piercing: Utopiah killer piercing gold

Tattoo: Utopiah the scars of your love tattoo

Post #650

Top: Holli pocket pumpkin bitties @Perfect wardrobe

Skirt: T-whore Candie's skirt pattern whore black

Shoes/legwarmers: Dark midday designs mesh cutsie leg warmer boots

Tattoo: Utopiah infected veins

Hair: Truth Dawson fades

Teeth: Shine prim horror pack

Stockings: T-whore punk stocking fat pack b

Rings/nails: Utopiah my cute spider hand set @Perfect wardrobe

Lipstick: Blacklace beauty autumn lipsticks

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Post #649 Welcome DMD!

Top & makeup: Pink acid fall delight makeup & tube top Halloween special available ONLY on marketplace!

Hair: Action Audrey Halloween 2011

Panties: Dirtyland loose cute panties fatpack orange

Armwarmers: Dark midday designs mesh furry zoo armwarmers

Shoes/legwarmers: Dark midday designs mesh furry zoo leg warmer boots

Tattoo: Utopiah I wasn't born a princess

Nails: Love soul Halloween 2009

Post #648

Top: Miseria batty corset pink @ The cinema

Skirt: cheeky! mesh jeans mini ornament

Hair: Ploom Mila @ The attic

Skin: Censored Myiu skin

Lipstick: Censored autumn lipsticks @ The autumn hunt

Hair accessory: Pididdle ceramic flower headpiece mesh @ The attic

Nails: Izzie's claw nails magenta gacha item @ Izzie's

Necklace/bracelets: Izzie's coffee bean set Fair @ The nest

Tattoo: Utopiah pink leopard in action

Rings: I <3 fashion peace rings @ boho culture fair

Post #647

Dress: Censored cute skull mesh dress

Tights: Izzie's sheer tights in black

Hair: Ploom 5 more minutes mesh hair @The fair

Skin: Ploom Harlowe milk tragedy black @The cinema

Face tattoo: Lamp light monster smile black

Gloves: cheeky! mesh gloves fingerless white

Necklace: Izzie's vampire teeth pink Gacha @Izzie's

Nails: Izzie's claw nails black Gacha @Izzie's

Hat: Casuka gothic hat tweeny

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Post #646

Top: Zombie suicide belted corsets Black market

Piercing: Zombie suicide dominance piercing

Shorts/garters: 2chez burley Q stockings, garters & shorts sets

Hair: Exile mesh fade into you wild fusion

Face tattoo: Miss Shippe's studio Columbine apres la danse pink

Arm tattoo: Katat0nik sugar rush sleeves tattoo

Bracelets: Dirtyland black perls magic bracelets

Ring: (right hand) Sugar mesh glitter gun ring

Rings: Magic nook letter ring

Headband: Dirtyland black rose mini ears

Nails: Izzie's gradient nails

Post #645

Outfit: Luas Anika mesh camisk purple

Hair: Exile mesh untouched wild fusion

Nails: Izzie's french nails

Outfit: Luas Dalla mesh blue

Hair: Exile mesh ready to go wild fusion

Skin: Damned selene mot1

Post #644

Dress: Holli pocket fishy tight mini spice GFW

Gloves: Holli pocket lace shortys in pumpkin Scary face gacha fair

Nails: Love soul long glitter A

Jewelery: Maxi gossamer Angelika mesh earrings & necklace

Lipgloss: Pink acid constellation lip gloss & spikes

Ring: Pink acid gamer colorful ring

Post #643

Outfit: May's soul Rikko mesh white

Hair: Truth skai light blondes

Skin: Izzie's fuyu skin sunkissed cl w/dark brows

Lipgloss: Blacklace beauty jelly lipgloss sheer in olive

Eyeshadow: Dead apples ose eyeshadows pack in leaf

Outfit: May's soul mesh Anubis

Lipgloss: Blacklace beauty jelly lipglosses in reds

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Post #642

Top: Beusy Kat mesh tank

Pants: fl ripped leggings

Hair: Exile Your winter mesh wild fusion

Skin: Miasnow skin Zomba

Face tattoo: Miasnow skin add-on for Zomba bloody mess (tintable)

Rings: Maxi Gossamer Ketama

Post #641

Top: Dirtyland wet tank top in red

Pants: Tentacio mesh london baggy pants in denim

Eyeshadow: Censored dark night eyeshadow 1#

Face tattoo: Censored fear tattoo makeup 8#

Hair: Tameless Cher goths

Piercing: Zombie suicide adrenalin piercing

Armwarmers: cheeky! mesh fingerless gloves red&black

Dress: Bitter bunnies princess pumpkin mesh outfit Group gift

Eyeshadow: Pink acid starry night purple glitter eyeshadow

Lipstick: Censored Mila lipstick 11#

Hair: Tameless Nanette blacks & whites

Bags: Censored ghost bag (in hand) & Censored pumpkin bag (in floor)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Post #640

Dress: Zombie suicide Halloween pumpkin wavy dress mesh

Nahm: Zombie suicide Halloween mouth pumpkins

Plugs: Zombie suicide mummu gauges

Skin: Izzie's Fuyu skin in caramel

Eyes: Insufferable dastard for Cinema VIP sample pack in classic alien mesh eyes in abyss Join in-world ID group

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty dusk eyeshadows in smoke

Eyeliner: Blacklace beauty Jewel liner multi in 8

Lipstick: Blacklace beauty Kismet lips fatpack in bright sunrise & gloss layer

Blush: Dead apples contour blushes in dark peach

Nails: Love soul prim nails witch skull orange

Ring: Maxi Gossamer Fleur de lis skull metal (left hand) in silver

Ring: Maxi Gossamer Fleur de lis skull glass (right hand) in orange

Arm warmers: Dirtyland Foufou gloves in black/grey

I am taking a mini vacation! I will be back this Tuesday, no one miss me too much! XD

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Post #639

Top: Zombie suicide Halloween mesh corset

Skirt: Zombie suicide long skull mesh skirt halloween edition

Piercing: Zombie suicide Kelly piercing halloween edition

Plugs: Zombie suicide Halloween pumpkin gauges

Hair: Truth Skai colors

Nails: Shock factory Happy halloween nails

Gloves: Scrub mesh web gloves

Rings: Maxi Gossamer roho ring

Lipstick: Blacklace beauty Twilight lipsticks in coral

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty Samhain eyeshadows in orange

Face tattoo: Blacklace beauty Halloween facial tattoos in cat

Neck tattoo: Pekka crazy bitch tattoo

If your looking for exclusive items and Halloween items be sure to by Mrs. Suicide's church here, HERE where items for October will be at! The items I am wearing above will ONLY be located at that SLurl, so you have to hurry over there to pick them up. There is also a haunted house decorated by Mrs. Cute poison, located HERE. Be sure to read the notecard when you arrive to change your windlight settings, to get the full effect of everything that bumps in the night. Starting on the 15th of October there will be a scavenger hunt, be sure to stop by the Zombie suicide store, HERE and hit the subscriber group or update group to keep to date on all the happenings.

Post #638

Dress: The sugar garden belted mini dress in white

Skin: The sugar garden Angel B tone w/dark brows

Hair: Truth skai light blondes w/roots mirage

Earrings: Izzie's teardrop earrings in purple

Rings: BND piano rings

Bracelets: The bishes inc. bangles fatpack in rainbow & tiger

Post #637

Top: Holli pocket Hanky top zebra in baby pink

Gloves: Holli pocket fishup gloves fatty pack in hot pink

Skirt: Sweet fireflys Sweet mini mesh skirt in pink

Skin: Belleza Shyla tan bundle

Hair: Truth Skai light blondes

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty dreamy eyeshadows in barbie

Lipstick: Blacklace beauty Smooch lipsticks in 3

Lipgloss: Blacklace beauty sticky gloss clear in 75%

Stockings: Izzie's garter socks in pink

Shoes: Shushu cats rhythm mesh boots in pink

Face piercings: Damned elementaries color set

Chest piercings: Puncture Dermal gemstone clavicle piercing double

Throat piercing: Puncture Dermal gemstone throat piercing

Hip chain: Puncture Zodiac belly chain pisces

Nails: Mstyle long nails V2 ombre pack 1 in princesses rule!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Post #636

Top: Zombie suicide prim tube top skull

Pants: Zombie suicide baggy mesh sweatpants in black

Tattoo: Zombie suicide believe tattoo

Earrings: Zombie suicide skull earrings

Hair: Truth Astrid in hot pink

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty emo eyeshadows

Lipgloss: Blacklace beauty kissable lipglosses in natural

Gloves: Holli pocket fishup net gloves-torn-fatty in black

Post #635

Top: Zombie suicide relaxed top in black

Skirt: Sweet fireflys sweet mesh mini skirt in candy

Hair: Milana Taylor II rainbows I

Lipgloss: mock cosmetics sheerglow lip color in razzberry 2

Eyeliner: Kathaarian eyeliner set 1#

Eyeshadow: cheLLe mermaid eyeshadow in pink

Nails: A&A fashion nails long extreme The dressing room blue

Post #634

Top: Holli pocket Carny corset pumpkin Carn'evil event

Skin: Izzie's Fuyu skin sunkissed w/blush & autumn eyeshadow

Lipgloss: mock cosmetics crema lipcolor fatpack in sanguine 2

Hair: Catwa Katniss mesh in colors

Chest tattoo: Utopiah black corset tattoo

Nails: Candy nail Harvest 2 group gift

Belt: Pepper Autumn collection belt

Jewelery: Pepper Autumn collection bracelets

Shoulder pet: Pink fuel Halloween treats candycorn bat n/a

Belly piercing: envi capri belly piercing skull

Post #633

Top: Meldy princess mesh tank

Skirt: Deco mesh skirt licorice

Skin: Izzie's Fuyu skin sunkissed w/blush,pink lipstick & silverpink eyeshadow

Eyes: Izzie's Autumn mesh eyes in orange VIP group gift Oct 2012

Hair: Catwa Amanda colors

Crown: Laviere fake plastic crown pastel pack Collabor88

Tattoo: Delusions Mother fuckin princess

Ears: Panda express Siren mesh ears plain

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Post #632

Dress: Milk my banded backless barbie mini

Hair: Truth Mayim mesh in fades

Bracelets: Izzie's Wood bangles in b/w

Ring: Ben's beauty Melissa line ring Older Stuff in stock item available at Ben's beauty (right hand)

Ring: Maxi Gossamer Roho silver (left hand)

Earrings: Maxi Gossamer 60's gogo disks b/w

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty flare eyeshadows in magenta

Lipgloss: Blacklace beauty sticky gloss in fuchsia w/teeth

Eyeglasses: Dirtyland Kittie glasses in baby pink bow

Post #631

Skirt: Zombie suicide Uber short knitted skirt in black

Eyes: Zombie suicide mesh demon eyes

Tattoo: Zombie suicide believe tattoo

Hip tattoo: Pekka I'm a murderer

Hair: Truth Demi in colors

Nails: Scrub multicolored zipper nails

Ring: Ben's beauty cross ring

Headband: Dirtyland Bow headband in black

Arm warmers: Epic rigged mesh basic armwarmers

Eye makeup: Blacklace beauty Meow shadows & liners pastel in barbie

Lipstick: Soiree lipstick la creme pack in Succubus + teeth

Cheek tattoo: Dirtyland tiny face tattoo in heart

Post #630

Outfit: Luas Envy panther in black

Hair: Truth havana fades

Skin: Censored Marise pack in vinho

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Post #629

Dress: Epic VIP members cheapie scary jack mesh dress

Hooves/socks: Epic VIP members Halloween digi socks Free with joining VIP group!

Skin: Epic Elvie -dark haze in fair

Hair: Ploom Penny II mesh

Hiya ghouls! I went down to Epic today and re-joined the VIP group, there is a 350L joining fee, but you get lots of goodies and perks for joining. There are some Halloween goodies, plus you get 30% off newly marked items(only). Just be sure to wear your VIP tag and click the VIP logo under the item to your discount. Here is your limo.

Post #628

Outfit: Barbie bitch Smoochie outfit mesh in bubble gum

Skin: Pink fuel Elly sugar Gloom KCRS

Lollipop: Pink fuel Poison lolli KCRS

Shoulder pet: Pink fuel Bandaged kitty w/purple eyes KCRS

Hair: Ploom Penny

Nails: Kathaarian Zebrine nails

Ring: Ben's beauty Butterfly ring in silver

Ring: Ben's beauty Square ring

The Pink fuel items are from The knitting circle rummage sale, but only till October 7th! TP quickly ghouls! Here is the limo.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Post #627

Dress: Milk My combat mini in barbie

Hair: Truth Uma colors

Makeup & ears: Pink acid Gold cobra minnie ears & makeup

Chest piercings: Dirtyland body diamonds

Face piercings: Dirtyland diamond face

Rings/nails: Scrub Geisha

Skin: Mojo Selena fatpack in pearl

Eyelashes: Narc eyelashes dream on

Post #1890

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