Saturday, September 29, 2012

Post #624

Outfit: Luas Elia mesh in brown

Skin: Modish Zuli-day skin

Hair: Magika 03 mesh faint

Piercing: Utopiah naughty piercing

Tattoo: Utopiah summer flowers tattoo

Top: Zombie suicide wife beaters in green

Pants: cheeky! low stripe pants mesh in blue

Bag: Tentacio Grace bag in green

Hair: Dura girl 29 in dark brown

Piercing: Utopiah joy piercing

Tattoo:  By Angie Kawaii rainbow tattoo

Jewelery: Izzie's rainbow set

Sunglasses: Maxi gossamer milano cat eye 40's classic

Top: Pink acid sheer plunge half top in white Swag fest

Leggings: Pink acid might minnie mouse sheer leggings Swag fest

Ears: Pink acid spiked out minnie ears hair clip in red Swag fest

Lipstick: Pink acid Silk lipstick & teeth 16 pack in red w/teeth Swag fest

Ring: Pink acid gamer ring Swag fest

Tattoo: Wicked tattoo cupcake sleeves

Hair: Dura girl 38 dark brown

Post #623

Top: Boom twenty three mesh tee in cotton candy

Jeans: Sn@tch lowrise belted lyric jeans

Hair: Exile Turn the page wild fusion

Jewelery: glow studio bubble pearls jewelery set in silver

Tattoo: Nana candy tattoo

Piercing: Utopiah survival piercing in gold

Top: Tentacio ako mesh t-shirt in pink

Pants: Tentacio Dorian mesh pants in grey

Hair: Exile Univited wild fusion

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer owl jeweled in silver

                                                                                                                                           Bag: I<3fashion sugarskull bag Stuff in stock


Top: Zombie suicide emo punk checkers top in white

Panties: tugged panties black lace

Hair: Truth Guinevere in gem w/roots

Gloves/spikes: Hysteria cross meets spikes

Earrings: Izzie's guitar earrings Perfect wardrobe

Hip tattoo: Utopiah roses of love tattoo

Arm sleeves: Utopiah game of death tattoo

Necklace: Pepper I <3 rock & roll set Perfect wardrobe

Friday, September 28, 2012

Post #622

Outfit: Pinkmares The new girl

Hair: Wasabi pills Shiori  mesh hair candies pack

Tattoo: cheeky! tattoo girl

Eyeshadow: Dead apples wet look collection in pink mixed

Outfit: Pinkmares Gretta

Tattoo: Wicked tattoos camdy skull face

Outfit: Pinkmares Broken Bellina

Tatoo: Utopiah pink leopard in action

Post #621

Outfit: Ezura Xue Peu Loli pink set

Shoes: Ezura Xue Peu Loli floral shoes pink set

Hair: Exxess Sirin mesh in plum

Skin: Modish Begonia skin fair light w/cl

Post #620

Outfit: Luas Aliane mesh rose

Skin: Modish Dunia sunkiss light w/cl  Swag fest

Hair: Tameless Beatrice in browns

Outfit: Luas Gwen mesh brown

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Post #619

Top: Zombie suicide Lowcut leopard striped tops in pink

Skirt: Zombie suicide leopard print mesh skirt in pink

Hair: Wasabi pills Dominique mesh in candies pack

Piercing: Utopiah survival piercing in gold

Tattoo: Utopiah Pink Ecdysis V2 tattoo

Armwarmers: Ducknipple mesh armwarmers

Necklace: Pepper Color name necklace

Nails/rings: Rozoregalia gemma rings & nails

Post #618

Top: Zombie suicide draped tops in black

Skirt: Zombie suicide gypsy mesh skirts blends in blend 2

Skin: Sugar MeiMei tone A w/bust

Eyes: Sugar Reflections in pink

Hair: Tameless Maya in browns

Necklace: Izzie's long flower necklace in purple

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Tilly ethnic

Belly piercing: Shock factory spikes & skull

Nails: Shock factory all shoes nails

Armwarmers: cheeky mesh gloves fingerless in black

Face piercing: Utopiah simple piercing #2

Monday, September 24, 2012

Post #617

Top: Cute poison mesh KCnKZ shirt

Pants: Zombie suicide punkster leggings in bloody prints

Skin: Modish smack stitch skin

Hair: Ploom Anetta pinks & purples

Hair accessory: Sedmikraska meat love head flower

Nails: Unborn creations Die extra long nails in black

Bracelets: Izzie's faceted wood bangles in red

Plugs: Zombie suicide eerie tunnels

Post #616

Outfit: Pinkmares Bring it

Hair: Loq Quzo in black Subscriber gift

Horns: Kre-ations beauty seeker horns

Eyes/makeup: Kre-ations sinner eyes & makeup Horror Haute

Nails: Shock factory butterfly wings nails

Bracelets: Izzie's angular bracelets in black

Earrings: Izzie's angular earrings in black

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Post #615

Top: Candy metal mesh rock princess

Skirt: Pepper Chunky skirt in hearts

Hair: Exile This years love mesh in wild fusion

Bracelets: Pepper Think pink

Earrings: Beauty killer leo love earrings in rainbow

Shoes: Tentacio nabuki sneakers sugar skull edition Stuff in stock

Scarf: Blueberry Keira mesh scarf in pink

Purse: BOOM Carnival bow clutch in doll pink Arcade gacha event

Tattoo: Utopiah haters make me famous tattoo

Eyes: Mons dualcolor eyes in purple Zodiac

Eyeshadow: Mons eyeshadow glitter macro in pink Zodiac

Eyeliner: Mons eyeliner inner in ice Fair @The nest

Teeth: Label mode prim teeth fat pack in Hamby

Panties: naughty pantie mesh in pink cheetah

Post #614

Outfit: Bitter bunnies Wild heels

Hair: Exile mesh Already gone in wild fusion

Jewelery: Apple may designs B&W pearls

Tattoo: Holli pocket chestylicious tattoos fatty pack in all eyes on me 1

Rings: Sexy  pink butterfly rings

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Post #613

Dress: Milk My swagger dress in pink

Shoes: Mon cheri mesh peep toe pumps black collection

Necklace: Izzie's pearl necklace in black

Nails/rings: Utopiah mess rings in silver

Bracelets: Apple may designs b&w pearls

Hair: Exile Already gone mesh in wild fusion collection

Legwarmers: Kyoot knit legwarmers dark cozy pack

Post #612

Outfit: Etchaflesh The executioner fantasy corset mesh set

Hair: Exile Fade into you wild fusion in crystal

A HUGE thank you goes out to Mrs. Kattington who put up with me (my hubby and two screaming kids) for an hour teaching me her closely guarded photoshop techniques. My blog photos look pretty kick ass, if I do say myself. They do however take a bit more time then before, so please everyone be patient with me, as I am still learning and working slowly but surely through  my items you sent. You will most likely see one photo per blog, here on out, so I can catch up and give you one awesome picture!  ^_^

Post #611

Top: Holli pocket princess set top & tat

Skirt: cheeky! mesh jeans ruffles mini skirt in blue

Shoes: Holli pocket mesh bowie pumps patterns full pack in girly leopard

Eyes: Miasnow eyes 2012 DEAD 9 color pack in cloudy

Ears: Auxiiliary gacha mouse ears black/spikes RARE Arcade gacha event

Bracelets: Pepper color me bracelets

Nails/ring: Utopiah xoxo hand set

Hair: Truth Skai in bubblegum w/roots

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Post #610

Top: Zombie suicide Star shadow top set in pink

Pants: Zombie suicide black jeans w/boxers in pink unisex

Shoes: Zombie suicide checkered pink skully skate

Ears: Zombie suicide tragic lop elven ears v2

Nahm: Zombie suicide tasty mouth pearls fatpack in black/pink

Necklace: Zombie suicide knuckled necklace

Top: Zombie suicide mesh lose fit top skull tube top in pink

Scarf: Zombie suicide simple scruffy scarfs fatpack in black/greyish

Plugs: Zombie suicide panda plugs

Skin: Tuli Sara in sunkissed (02, fierce lipstick & cleavage boost)

Hair: Truth Saki colors bubblegum w/roots

Post #609

Outfit: Pinkmares Undress me

Shoes: Sn@tch knitted boots stars

Necklace: Cute poison blood spider necklace

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer pearls combo sets singles & combo in black

Hair: Exile Release me wildcards in lapis

Eyeshadow: mock cosmetics indifference eyeshadow fatpack in gunpowder

Outfit: Pinkmares Hang out girl

Shoes: Sn@tch big fat smash kicks w/legwarmers

Necklace: Zombie suicide starry collar

Hair: Truth Winona colors

Eyeshadow: Dead apples glam eyeshadows in rouge

Post #608

Outfit: Luas Lolita mesh pink

Hair: Exile Heartbeats wildcards in babydoll

Skin: Lara Hurley Elsa in tan fatpack (eyeliner, soft blush/concealer, cold nude matte lips)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post #607

Outfit: Le Razz cute dungaree rigged mesh in picnic

Hair: Hinako Belinda bunny in cocoa red

Skin: Izzie's Faith skin in porcelain

Sunglasses: Maxi Gossamer Positano parasol 60's classic

Choker: Fairy tail Petit flower in black

Post #606

Outfit: Lenox 1965 mesh romper in aqua

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Butterfly jeweled

Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer Single strand pearl necklace set in pink

Sunglasses: Maxi Gossamer Milano cat 40's prints & patterns

Hair: Exile Turn the page wildcards in lapis

Shoes: Zenith Faux leather boots in coffee

Nails/rings: Utopiah burlesque skull hand set Perfect wardrobe

Ears: Lagyo Chesire floral ears black/white

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Post #605

Lingerie: Sn@tch Petal bralet set in pink <33Murderdoll

Shoes: Euphorium Xtian loubou lady daf in pink crystal <33Elfie

Necklace: Fairy tail garden group gift

Bracelets: A&M my fav bracelets in white

Ring: Maxi Gossamer gigi shimmer bow <33Maxi

Ring: Maxi Gossamer loveheart

Hair: ploom marshmellow <33Helyawne

Bow: Lagyo a girls bow Collarbor88

Post #604 Welcome Blueberry!

Jacket: Blueberry Nikki mesh coat in blue

Boots: Blueberry Sherlie mesh boots in chocolate brown

Hair: Truth Skai in fairy floss

Earrings: Ben's beauty lace ribbon earring Collabor88

Ring: Ben's beauty lace ribbon ring Collabor88

Top: Cute poison bandana mesh top

Jeans: Blueberry Nena mesh skinny jeans in blue

Necklace: Pididdle decor collar in noir lace Arcade gacha event on Sept 15

Hair: Ploom Christah mesh

Be sure to check out my new SLurls pages to find great fashions!!!!

Post #603

Outfit: Luas Devra mesh

Hair: D!va Manon in red amber Collabor88

Outfit: Luas Yum yum brown mesh

Eyeshadow: mock cosmetics fall festivale eyeshadow pack #1in green

Lipgloss: mock cosmetics may lip color in chestnut #2

Blush: mock cosmetics natural blush in leather

Hiya ghouls! As you may have noticed there are some changes on my blog. There is a sponsor/review copies page, and coming soon a landmark page, with all my fav and sponsor landmarks. Here is my first tutorial, I hope its good!

A great way to save money and achieve a ton of different looks, is to buy makeup. Skins can be VERY expensive, especially if you(like me) purchase the fatpack. Skin packs can run as high as 10KL! That's a lot, and I as a blogger, can't always do that. There are some great "base skins" out there. A base skin is like a blank canvas, that you can use tattoo layer makeups on. Some even include options such as freckles, cleavage, different eyebrow colors. I can NOT stress this enough, DEMO, DEMO, DEMO. Especially if you want to go to a different shade. I usually stick with a lighter skin shade, but lately, I have been going more tan. Some makeups you can now even demo! I have put together a list of places with base skins and some great makeup stores. Be creative, have fun and always DEMO everything!

  1.  Izzie's

  2. Redbird body shop

  3. Damned

  4. Lara Hurley

  1. Mock cosmetics

  2. Dead apples

  3. Cheap makeup

  4. cheLLe

  5. Pekka

Post #602

Outfit: May's soul Turian girl TCC event <33May

Hair: Clawtooth Wave goodbye daring pack Collabor88

Skin: Censored Lucie skin <33Cindy

Outfit: May's soul Sweet at night Gorean room

Skin: Censored Manu skin

Top: Sn@tch butch tanks in green <33Murderdoll

Skirt: Tentacio Desire mesh skirt Fashion quotes event

Skin: Modish Meanie mo fair Group gift <33Elle

Ring: Lagyo mother's pearl big ring Collabor88

Friday, September 14, 2012

Post #601

Top: Fuk n hawt vest top in grey psycho

Skirt: Censored mesh anny mini skirt in dots

Lipstick: Pink acid matte pastry lips intense 5 pack Available ONLY at in-world store for $1L

Stockings: Sn@tch raggedy socks in pink

Necklace: Cute poison zombie necklace

Sunglasses: Cute poison Poison Shadz

Hair bow: Odd Dele mesh hairbows brights fatpack in pink

Shoes: Odd Dele mesh ballet flats fatpack in candy pink

Scarf: Love zombie kitty scarf in pink

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Post #600

Top: Sn@tch Baby vamp corsets in pink <33Murderdoll

Skirt: Sn@tch Collette skirts in pink/aqua

Shoes: Censored Joanne shoes in pink <33Cindy

Hair: Milana Dunne in light browns

Skin: Izzie's Faith skin in natural <33Izzie

Lipgloss: Izzie's Faith lipgloss in pink

Eyeshadow: Mock cosmetic Back to basics fatpack in black currant

Nails: Izzie's Gradient metallic nails

Hair accessory: Glow studio Pink roses headband

Necklace: Fairy tail Key necklace <33 Rie

Post #599

Outfit: Pinkmares Back off bitch <33Tress ann

Shoes: Pinkmares glamina ballet shoes in black

Hair: Bc322 spider bob

Tattoo: Zombie suicide punk tat <33Isis

Outfit: Pinkmares Not happening

Hair: Truth Kami colors

Skin: Zombie suicide Zoey light skin

Post #598 Moon Goddess

Skin: Kre-ations dark side of the moon <33 Kreao

Antlers: Kre-ations captive moon horns

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Post #597

Outfit: Luas Ilargi mesh leopard

Skin: Izzie's Faith skin in natural w/eyeshadow brown, smokey 2, full body freckles

Lipgloss: Izzie's Faith lipgloss in pink natural

Anklets: Zaara nizam payal anklet in silver

Hair: Tameless Tiana in browns

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Post #596

Dress: Kre-ations princess mesh dress

Shoes: Kre-ations princess pumps

Hair: Truth Siri colors in fairygloss w/roots

Makeup: S&P swirl face pack pastel in pink n/a

Necklace: Fairy tail crown long type

Post #595

Top: Tentacio elda hoodie mesh in pink

Shorts: Tentacio basic short mesh in denim

Hair: Truth Azrea colors fairygloss w/roots & streaked

Stockings: Sn@tch sockfest in pink skully

Boots: Sn@tch muff stompers in white

Bracelets: A&M my fav bracelet in pink

Skin: Pink fuel Kumi in vanilla smokey wing light brow w/freckles, lip frost basic w/teeth

Eyes: Ikon Kaleido eyes 6 pack #1 in sky

Lingerie: Tentacio burlesque lingerie in pink

Shoes: Maai gabrielle wooden heels in purple flowers

Monday, September 10, 2012

Post #594

Outfit: Luas may outlaw mesh in brown

Hair: Exile meg in dark browns

Lipstick: Dead apples matte rouge collection in gold

Outfit: Luas autumn spirit in brown

Hair: Exile Venus in dark browns

Lipgloss: Dead apples glosses fatpack in peachy

Post #1890

 On me (bear) Sponsors-  Mello Creepin it real / lamebrain killer bat 01 gacha @Pocket Gacha Nightmare Nail set metallic tip...