Monday, January 30, 2012

LOTD #126

Hello again boils and ghouls! Decided to go deliciously demon on you, got a sexy little outfit to show ya, and let me know what you think.

Top: RS Zined in pink
Pants: Insanya glitter capris in black 
Earrings: Beautycode girly glam hoops in black glitter
Necklace/Choker: Use skully in grey
Shoes: Goth & beautiful designs platform shoes w/skulls & roses
Nails: Onyx anti-arcade nails & rings

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sponsor Sunday!

I kinda forgot a few things yesterday, so I decided to put them here. I will prob start doing sponsor items on the weekend. ^_^ I don't want to forget anyone. Also starting Feb 14, I will be doing Valentine themed items till the 14th. Just to give you girls a heads up.

Bodysuit: Epic Radial radar bodysuit in black
Digi-legs: Epic rainbow radial radar digi legs in silver
Skin: Dark elfin Lunar bundle *I am wearing blue haze* to Epic's SLurl!

Hair: Ploom Lilyan *I tinted the hair light pink & made the streak dark pink* to Ploom's SLurl!

Necklace: Violet Voltaire cake or death necklace in strawberry to marketplace we will go!

Lipstick:Action cosmetics sexy lips 10 pack *I am wearing fab in big size* to Action's SLurl!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sponsor Saturday!

I would like to thank all my sponsors, I hadn't blogged about all you guys items this week, so I decided to do it all in one blog. All the information for the hunts and new items is listed with the items. Enjoy! :)

Look 1#
Skin: CStar Pink hunt skin *2010 Edition*  This is a special limited edition skin from CStar.(there was only a few left when I purchased mine!) to Cstar's SLurl!
Hair: Ploom Aisline pinks & purples to Ploom's SLurl!
Top: STC! Finlay sweater and tank set in Rose *New item* to STC's SLurl!

Look 2#
Bra/panty set: SP kiss me bra & panty set *new item*
Piercing: SP Distraction piercing *new item* to Sour Pickles SLurl!

Look 3#
Outfit: ~WC~ Soup hunt Jammies & slippers *these are free, there are other items to be had for the hunt! Only a few days left! Hurry down to the hunt while you still can!* to WC's SLurl!
Make-up & Eyes: Izzie's I'm not feeling very well *I am wearing tears w/intense red and the black prim eyes that come with it!* to Izzie's SLurl!

Friday, January 27, 2012

LOTD #125

Hello again all my decaying zombettes! I hope the world has been treating you well... or you have been eating well......hehe Got another goth-tastic outfit up for you girls.

Pinkmares Edwards dream click me to go to Pinkmares!
*this includes top, pants, boots, doll key, and hand scissors*

Hair: BC322 Spiderbob2 in black click me to go to BC322's!

Skin: Tacky star in Masquerade--star *I am wearing goth* click me to go to Tacky stars!

LOTD #124

I wanted to do something with sushi, even thought I have never tried it irl. I found some cute sushi rolls for my mouth and a tank top too. Pink acid provided me with some more beautiful make-up. Thank you! XD

Top: HLD I love rice *pink*  to marketplace we will go!

Make-up: Pink Acid Diva lipgloss in *pink*
Pink Acid natural eyelashes & eyeliner 2 pack *I am wearing it with the eyeliner*

Eyes: Pink Acid sparkle eyes in *pink lemonade 1#* to Pink Acid's SLurl!

Mouth accessory: Lex store Sushi & maki time to marketplace we will go!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

LOTD #123

Chinese new year! Kata0nik came out with a cute dress to celebrate, and also some mesh shoes! I got close-up to the shoes, (I would hope my feet don't smell or something) so you could see the details. Also the dress is kawaii with a dragon in the clouds. I am wearing make-up from Pink acid to complete this pretty in pink dragon look!

Dress: *katat0nik* light pink lunar dragon dress
Shoes: *kata0nik* Aya wedges (mesh) in candy pink Click me for katan0nik's SLurl!
Make-up: Pink acid lip gloss & blush in burnt cherry Click me for the marketplace link!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LOTD #122

Got another gothically beautiful outfit and accessories up for grabs, my Zombettes! Go my minions, go, forth and go shopping! Muahhaaa!

Pinkmares Glamina in black Click me for the SLurl!
Wasabi pills Cherilyn in Jellyfish Click me for the SLurl!
Tacky star in Teeny the tired clown in goth Click me for the SLurl!
Tongue accessory:
"IS" Tongue tattoo Halloween special edition Click me for the marketplace!

Monday, January 23, 2012

LOTD #121

I just love rainbows. Really, that's all I can think of to say here. Well not, really. Rainbows, make me think of magical things. Fairies, unicorns and the like. Perfect Wardrobe is doing a rainbow themed thing right now, so I went down and picked up a few things.

Sakide snuggly rainbow sweaters in pink
ni.ju Kumi in rainbow *this is the eyeshadow only*
[W] P.W. Rain bowie tights in Rainy bowie 1# SLurl to Perfect Wardrobe!

Boof rainbow headbands Marketplace link!
KK lipstick in rainbow *I am wearing parted lips* Marketplace link!
Schadenfreude rainbow kawaii clouds necklace SLurl!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

LOTD #120

I would like to welcome my newest sponsor, Paper moon, who is joining our happy, insane family. I decided to put together a spring outfit, and I hope you girls think its just as cute, as my gothic attire.

Dress: *LpD* Mother nature dress in pink I am the link!

Shoes: For nancy in pale pink
Necklace: Grandmother's keys
Antlers: Herald of spring I am the SLurl!

Make-up: Ely mode sakura face tattoo I am the SLurl!

Skin: Cupcakes/Charm/Snow fatpack *I am wearing blonde brows/datenight.* I am also wearing one of the lipsticks that came with it in *pretty antique* I am the SLurl!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look #119

It was kinda hard to come up with something to say about this outfit. It's so stunning, dark, gothic, and just demands attention. The whole look is from AD designs, and it made me feel like a dark queen of the night. I am sure you ladies will <3 this look as much as I did.

AD Kokita queen goth dress 450
The dress also comes with a veil, that I am not wearing. It's lacey, sexy and dark.

AD Painting love female skin
The skin is highly detailed, with tattoos, all over the skin. When you pan your camera to look, you can see all the details.

AD Valentine goth hair & skeleton add on 220
You can wear the skeleton or toss him away!

AD Windows of heart 220
What you couldn't see is the heart actually beats!
Click me to go the SLurl!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Look #118

I just love cupcakes! Especially pink ones. (In case you couldnt tell, pink is my favorite color)I hit marketplace to put this look together, and of course I bought all the pink cupcake stuff I could find. So enjoy ladies. :)

Top: T Junctions in Mmmm cupcakes Marketplace link
Skirt: LK cupcake mini in cremated Marketplace link

Jewelery set: ~Pepper~ Sweet cupcake fatpack *includes necklace, ring and mouthie* Marketplace link

Shoes: LWL cupcake shoes in Rhubarb Marketplace link

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look #117

Dead dolls can have lots of fun! If you don't know what movie this background is from, you are cursed! I will give you a hint. Don't watch the video tape or you will die in 7 days! If you still don't know, get off my blog girl! Lol. Its from "The ring 2". I went dead dolly for this look to go with the background, enjoy. :)

Brain circuit Inc Hypnotic Undead Dolly dress Click me for the marketplace link!

Shoes: [A&K] Studs & razors black pumps Click me for the marketplace link!

Tacky Star Candy lips make-up in Rose pink *This comes in a fatpack*
Tacky Star Lolligagger make-up in Butterfly *I am wearing party goat with brows*
I also put the order in which I layered them, so you could see the stripe on the lip.
Click me for the SLurl!

Truth Keira in colours *I am wearing bubblegum* Click me for the SLurl!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Look #116

Damned released a new skin line and some shapes today! I headed on over and picked up some to test them all out. I picked a shape out, and went simple on the skin. I added some make-up from Fashionably late along with it, and went dark on the whole look. See what you think.

Goth1c0 garage built tee To marketplace
Goth1c0 corset mini skirt *black* To marketplace

Goth1c0 chain necklace *black* To marketplace

Goth1c0 Dark pump princesspumps *bubblegum* To marketplace

Shape: Damned Moon v2
I modified to be able to wear my prim nails, and make the hips and butt smaller.
Skin: Damned Selene M0T1
I am wearing Lipgloss 10 and the cleavage that comes with the skin. Also the selene eyelashes!
To Damned Slurl

Damned Rainbow Eyes makeup *I am wearing rainbow 1 l.* To Fashionably Late SLurl

Hair: Truth in Andrea *I am wearing bubblegum* To Truth SLurl

Leggings: Grim bros. sock n roll long stockings *I am wearing magenta* To Grim bros. SLurl

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Look #115

Felt a bit retro tonight, so I spent some time on  marketplace, hunting down a vintage look. It took a bit, plus some sim hopping in world, but I think you girls will love it!

Top: Artilleri Sailorette top *red* Click me for the marketplace link!
Pants: Artilleri 1rst Mate capris *black* Click me for the marketplace link!

Tattoo: Pelle Loved rockabilly tattoo Click me for the marketplace link!

Shoes: Grim bros. fragildad black janes Click me for the marketplace link!

Earrings: MONS earrings in Cherry Click me for the marketplace link!

Mouth accessory: *FAI* bite me expressable cherry bomb Click me for the marketplace link!

Leggins: Nerdmonkey striped stocking fatpack #2 *I am wearing red!* Click me for the marketplace link!

Hair: Truth in Sileny *I am wearing bubblegum!* Click me for the SLurl!

Skin: Tacky star in Aftershow clown *I am wearing goth!*
Eyelashes: Tacky star in Lolligagger eyelashes *top & bottom* Click me for the SLurl!

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