Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post #677 Officially One year old!

Dress: cheeky! Elane dress blue knit mesh

Hair: Truth Portia colors mesh

Nails: Mstyle long nails V2 matte pack 2

Necklace: Glow studio bow necklace pink

Rings: Ben's beauty Melissa rings in white/silver

Earrings: Ben's beauty Aurora earrings in pink

Neck tattoo: Pekka Halloween 2 cat

Lipgloss: Mons lipstick showy

Eyeshadow: Mons ales eyeshadow

Ears: ni.ju Gelf ears pierced

It's now official, I am one year old in the blogging world. I actually counted my posts, and I have done enough posts to be at almost 2 years! That's a lot of blogging. I have taken time to look back and think about my blogging, and I think I have come a long way since day one. I had originally started out my blog to be a goth only blog, because I didnt see a lot of those. Of course, not really looking at SL blogs, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. At one point I had over 75 sponsors, and was blogging till I literally fell asleep at the keyboard. I used to do up to 3 pictures per post, just tossing them up, then I started cropping, then I learned a few photoshop techniques. Over 3,000 photos later, what you see now is a much updated version of where I started. I have some people I want to thank personally, no crying (on my part), but these people are amazing.

To my photo editor teacher, Mrs. Kat, who spent over 2 hours on skype, trying to explain her secrets to the best photos, I thank you, I truly thank you.

To my SL wifey, Stasey, you are the best babygirl! You were with me from the beginning of my blogging career, always willing to send me things and to this day, still putting up with me!

To Mrs. TIzzie, (only I can call her that) for sending me all those beautiful fatpacks, at the drop of a hat and listening to me rant about the color green.

To Mrs. Holli, for giving me, not one, but three chances to blog her awesome clothes, otherwise my prim boobies wouldnt look as nice without them.

To sponsors past, who I am no longer with, thank you for sending items, for me to blog, I am sorry it didnt work out.

To sponsors present, thank you for sending items, putting up with my millions of notecards, thank you for everything!

Each and every one of you hold a special place with me, and I can never find the proper words to express my thank you, or show my gratitude. You have all made me the woman I am today, as well as the blogger I am today. I can't even think of any quotes to put here, except one of the lines from my fav movie. "I think your going to need a bigger boat." Brody-Jaws. It's been a year and I will continue on, so grab some life preservers or my boobs. Xoxo, from me, Sash

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