Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Outfit: Luas Devra mesh

Hair: D!va Manon in red amber Collabor88

Outfit: Luas Yum yum brown mesh

Eyeshadow: mock cosmetics fall festivale eyeshadow pack #1in green

Lipgloss: mock cosmetics may lip color in chestnut #2

Blush: mock cosmetics natural blush in leather

Hiya ghouls! As you may have noticed there are some changes on my blog. There is a sponsor/review copies page, and coming soon a landmark page, with all my fav and sponsor landmarks. Here is my first tutorial, I hope its good!

A great way to save money and achieve a ton of different looks, is to buy makeup. Skins can be VERY expensive, especially if you(like me) purchase the fatpack. Skin packs can run as high as 10KL! That's a lot, and I as a blogger, can't always do that. There are some great "base skins" out there. A base skin is like a blank canvas, that you can use tattoo layer makeups on. Some even include options such as freckles, cleavage, different eyebrow colors. I can NOT stress this enough, DEMO, DEMO, DEMO. Especially if you want to go to a different shade. I usually stick with a lighter skin shade, but lately, I have been going more tan. Some makeups you can now even demo! I have put together a list of places with base skins and some great makeup stores. Be creative, have fun and always DEMO everything!

  1.  Izzie's

  2. Redbird body shop

  3. Damned

  4. Lara Hurley

  1. Mock cosmetics

  2. Dead apples

  3. Cheap makeup

  4. cheLLe

  5. Pekka

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