Sunday, August 12, 2012

Post #551 Welcome Milk!

Dresses: Milk cocktail dress (shown in giraffe, leo & zebra) sold separately

Hair: Truth Soleil in colors

Nails/bracelets: Mandala takara bangle gold fur/leather/nail & ring

Skin: My ugly dorothy heather burly pack

Shoes: Miamai dasiy peep in pink

Necklace: oOxa collars nubian princess

Outfit: Milk denim bish body suit (shown in blue & pink) sold separately

Dresses: Milk the breakup dress (shown in pink & red) sold separately

I would like to introduce my newest sponsor, Milk! Mrs. Milk specializes in clothes for the busy gal, VERY busty gal. The dresses, tops, bikinis, and outfits are made for LOLAS breasts, but you don't have to wear them to wear the clothes. I did pick up a pair of breasts to try them out, they are $1,250 and I got the push-up V2. I liked the way they looked, but I found the skin tinting near impossible for the skin I had on. (as you girls know I love the lighter skins) Plus, I HATE having to color match anything anyway, so I gave up after a bit. I love the clothes, they are cute, sexy and girly. Head on over to Milk to pick them up! Limo HERE. Limo to pick up the breasts HERE.

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