Friday, August 31, 2012

Post #582

Outfit: Zombie suicide hand your dealt body suit in white

Shoes: Zombie suicide rainbow print wrapped boots

Skin: Zombie suicide seductive skin in light tone

Collar: Under the couch grim juju posture collar

Hair: Tameless Tori in blacks

Nails: WTG checks nails

Tattoo: OW tattoo sweet

Post #581

Dress: Tentacio Nio mesh dress in pink

Bag: Tentacio doll bag August group gift

Makeup: Pink acid natural beauty freckles,beauty mark mole & blush

Hair: Truth Bria mesh in browns

Nails: Candy nail po69# air white

Post #580

Top: Zombie suicide bella mesh corset black/pink

Pants: Zombie suicide zombie mesh sweat pants in black

Hooves: Zombie suicide vendy hooves in black

Skin: Zombie suicide Adria skin in light

Eyes: Zombie suicide skully eyes pack in black/white

Makeup: Zombie suicide bloody lips tattoo in V1

Hair: Ploom anamone in candy

Nails: AKA claws in black

Post #579

Outfit: May's soul romantic mesh winter

Hair: Exile like lovers do in light browns

Lipstick: Pink acid eyelashes & winter lipstick 13 pack in blue

Make up: Izzie's baby its cold outside (redness tattoo,snow eyebrows & frosty eyelashes in black)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Post #578

Top: Milk my flirty cardigan in lilac

Pants: Milk adore me long mesh pants in candy

Hair: Deviant kitties Kaley wild colors fatpack

Piercing: Zombie suicide septum mustache piercing

Chest tattoo: Zombie suicide artists never die tattoo

Lip tattoo: Asha & co bitch lip tattoo

Makeup: Pink acid studio blush 3 pack in pink/magenta

Nails: Candy nail po51 flower garden purple

Post #577

Outfit: Tentacio live in forest Fairest of them all hunt starts Aug 25

Antlers: italez reindeer antler all pack in deep autumn I

Hooves: italez Laila hooves in soil

Eyes: Zombie suicide stary eyes pack in blue

Eye make up: Zombie suicide punk eye shadow in blue/pink

Makeup: Pink acid sunshine blush & lipstick 12 pack in blush + pink rose lipstick

Tattoo: Zombie suicide side flower tattoo

Butterflies: Epic butterfly buddies

Hair: Exile into dust in mahogany

Post #576 Welcome Zombie Suicide!

Top: Zombie suicide ghosted mesh shoulder tops fatpack in grey

Skirt: ZS draped skirts fatpack in black/pink

Leggings: ZS black ripped leggings fatpack  in pink

Ears: ZS punk lop elven ears

Piercing: ZS kelly piercing

Skin: ZS candy skin in light tone w/cleavage (comes with the eyelashes I am wearing)

Eyes: ZS cross eyes in pink

Boots: ZS dark boots

Necklace: Love always all grown up

Nails: Candy nails po72 candy skull

I would like to welcome Zombie Suicide as my newest sponsor! Mrs. Zamin offers a varity of items, I am wearing only a few of the things, that were there that I fell in love with. Skins, makeups, shoes, skirts, pants, tops, piercings, tattoos, eyes, shapes, prim ears, and more then I can name. Here is the LIMO to go down and see all she has to offer. Be sure to join the in-world group to keep up to date on all the newest releases.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Post #575

Top: Custom inkz omg tops! fatpack in black

Skirt: Tentacio mesh skirt Kay in fur

Hair: Hinako Oliana limited pink Group gift

Nails: Utopiah color leopard nails in magenta

Necklace: Hankverk tassel lariat sabria

Headband: Lagyo catty headband The dressing room

Socks: Sweet fireflys sweet laced oversocks in black stripes

Tattoo: Actchio cupcake ponies tattoo

Post #574

Outfit: Sweeter than candy bobby gingham set in pink

Hands/bangles: Miasnow hands in bird finger

Lipstick: Pink acid dolly lip smack 7 pack in rose pop pink

Tattoo: Tattoo kids faces in princess fatpack in junina

Hair: Tameless ramona in blondes

Post #573

Dress: Milk my sheer mini in barbie pink

Hair: Tameless Vivian in browns

Jewelery: Ben's beauty cupcake set (earrings & necklace) Stuff in stock

Skin: Pink fuel Honey in fusion light brow w/freckles & doll gloss in hot pink w/teeth

Nails: Izzie's gradient nails

Shoes: Dark midday designs elegant dolly pumps w/lace socks fatpack

Mouth nahm: Pepper name mouth chain diamond

It's that time of year for me, Crochet season! I will only be doing 2 to 3 posts a week from now until Jan. I have left several blogging groups, it wouldn't be right of me to accept items and then not blog them. I am leaving up all the sponsors, they have supported and taken care of me.  I promise I am not leaving, just doing my blogging less, to focus on my online crochet store. At the beginning of the year, I should be back in full force!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Post #572

Outfit: Luas Daira in green

Pose & Scythe: Fucking ninjas death dealer pose set

Hair: Truth Marina in browns

Makeup: Modish catwomen eye makeup

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Post #571

Outfit: Ectaflesh tortured mesh bikini

Hair: Exile about last night light browns in marone

Skin: Modish Murra fair w/cleavage group gift

Feet: Maitreya gold bare feet on tip toe

Necklaces: Glow studio mix & match gold

Nails: Izzie's metallic gradient nails

Friday, August 24, 2012

Post #570

Top: KC No53 Oji blouse

Skirt: Milk motion My tutu in white

Hair: Exile Breakaway in babydoll

Blush: Glossy my angel blushes in baby soft pink blush

Lipstick: Pekka juicy lips lipstick

Face moles: {e} simple beauty marks

Shoes: Monso my fabric oxford FAMeshed

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Post #469

Dress & shoes: Kre-ations puzzled mesh red dress & shoes

Hair: Catwa Yuri colors in lime w/roots

Makeup: Pekka vintage mature complete makeup

Bag: MDL glamour bag

Glasses: Utopiah cute ska glasses

Post #568

Outfit: May's soul Regina in black

Hair: Action hair Sandra crazy ombre

Makeup: Dead apples moles & blushes in light intense

Eyelashes: Pink acid fiercely natural eyelashes 2 pack in 1#

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Post #567

Outfit: May's soul Orchi mesh in pink

Hair: Catawa Bella mesh in colors

Nails: Mstyle perfect long nails

Freckles: cheLLe beauty marks in freckles med.

Eyes: Ikon Horizon eyes V2 in turquoise

Post #566

Top: Sugar & Cyanide tied top mesh in magenta

Pants: Sugar & Cyanide flare pants mesh in black

Hair: Hinako Adalia limited edition pink

Necklace: Lagyo bizarre flower necklace Collarbor88

Rings: Lagyo bizarre flower ring Collarbor88

Make-up: Utopiah princess makeup

Post #565

Bathing suit: Pididdle ribbon kini polka dot remix in cream/brown My Attic

Lipstick: Pididdle cocktail hour collection in chocotini w/teeth My attic

Hair: Wasabi pills Lola summer mesh hair brown pack

Necklace: Yummy by the sea charm necklace

Poses: Miseria August pose set 1-7B

The My attic event will be running from August 21rst-31rst. Everything in the event is only 95L! The theme will be "Shaken not stirred." Here is the LIMO.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Post #564

Sasha (on the left): Dress: Squeek! sundress cupcake mesh in skyblue

Shoes: Izzie's flower flats in rose

Jewelery: The sea hole mesh antique moonstone set in rain water Collabor88

Hair: Tameless Isabelle in browns

Nahm: W&R bubble tea mouthies in strawberry

Pose: Izzie's Sisters at heart

Rainbowcupcakecat(on the right): Top: Izzie's silk top in purple

Skirt: Izzie's any occasion skirt in white

Shoes: Izzie's flower flats in white

Skin: Izzie's Elena skin in pale (blush, grey eyeshadow, smokey eyeshadow & natural rose lipstick)

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Izzie from me and Rainbowcupcakecat! =^.^=

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Post #563

Top: Censored mesh sweater #4 Fashion Voodoo

Pants: Boom Miami line

Skin: Modish Kulka voodoo skin Grunge soul project

Hair: !Rotten toe Suspiria II pinks

Eyes: !Rotten toe gemstone eyes fatpack in diammond

Nails: Candy nails midnight dream in purple

Post #562

Outfit: Bitter bunnies Birthday suit August 2012 group gift

Hair: Thrive rainbow colors Collabor88

Teeth: !Rotten toe realistic teeth (tattoo layer)

Lipgloss: Utopiah pink princess gloss set in lip 1

Eye makeup: Pekka vintage eye makeup in purple Vintage fair

Blush: Dead apples contour blushes in pink mid

Nails: Candy nails #po75 love balloon pink

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post #561

Lingerie: cheeky! underwear August group gift

Shorts: Sugar & Cyanide sporty shorts mesh in black

Shoes: Kennedy's glitter pumps in pink Pink ribbon fair

Tattoo: Utopiah delicious tattoo

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty Vivacious eyeshadows in pink

Blush: Amacci cutie blush tattoos in pink/strong

Tongue: How cute is that! gacha in diamonds

Hair: !Rotten toe Suspiria my dead little pony

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Post #560

Top: W&R mini shirts in evil hearts

Pants: cheeky! cross shorts black w/leggings

Hair: [e] Found in rainbow colors Collabor88

Nails: mstyle perfect long nails in colorful colors

Necklace: MDL Kukilix cat necklace

Makeup: Utopiah Dawn of the dead

Plugs: Utopiah Mother fuckin princess ear plugs

Post #559

Top: Liquid honey cutsie tubes mesh

Shorts: Izzie's denim shorts in dark blue

Hair: Catawa Bella mesh in colors

Nails: Mstyle long nails V2 in queen africa

Eyeshadow: Blacklace beauty meow shadows & liner in pink/purple

Lipstick: Utopiah leopard gloss pink set in bubblegum

Necklace: Adore&Abhor the imperfect pearl necklace in black Collabor88

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Post #558

Outfit: Luas Aretha mesh in teal

Bare feet: Pixel mode bare feet pour femme

Hair: Truth Elsa in fairyfloss w/roots

Lipgloss: Mons makeup lipgloss candice (nude)

Makeup: Pekka blush & illuminator (blush 1) Vintage fair

Moles: Pekka face moles II Vintage fair

Outfit: Luas Dothraki

Lipgloss: Mons makeup lipgloss pack #3 (vanilla)

Blush: Croire dramatic wing blush (smitten)

Makeup: Pekka blush & illuminator (illuminator faded) Vintage fair

Hiya ghouls! Got a new photo background and a whole new attitude for my blog. I realized that I can't possibly blog everything under the sun, so I decided to cut back on what I chose to blog. I doubt you guys will notice much of a change however. :p I also decided that I won't be purchasing skin packs as much, (they are pretty expensive) and I will looking more into tattoo layers/cosmetics and what nots. It was actually kinda fun to buy make-up, I don't know of many places though, so it will be fun exploring new sims! I have been wearing my new bare feet all day today and I love them! They were $600L, but I think they blend beautifully with my Izzie's skin and I purchased the sandals for only $300L, there are lots of other colors too for the shoes. I will also be doing tips, my favs and a few other changes this week! Be sure to stay tuned to all the new changes this week! XOXO, Sash

Post #557

Dress: Ezura Xue halter dress mesh in red roses set

Hair: Lamb Adore mesh in mad pack

Skin: La petite morte Kilaka pale

Makeup: Utopiah sweet & juicy makeup + cherries Pink ribbon fair

Dress: Ezura Xue dolly tartan peridot mesh VIP set

Lipstick: Mons makeup lipstick Johanna in nude

Glasses: Pididdle fleurir sunglasses  Collabor88

Post #556

Dress: Tentacio Sailor day mesh dress Stuff in stock

Hair: Tameless Delilah in browns

Eye makeup: Mons makeup eyeshadow star in white

Lipstick: Mons makeup lipstick summer in peach

Top: Milk Summer cutie top in patches

Shorts: WWI peekaboo tiny shorts in blue

Lace piercing: Julys lace piercing Private room event

Nails/rings: Utopiah My cute pink skull hand set Pink ribbon fair

Makeup: Pink acid constellation lip gloss & eyelashes 12 pack in pink/purple

Post #555 Welcome Rotten toe!

Dress: !Rotten toe Antique doll dress group gift NEW!

Hair: !Rotten toe Twiggy NEW!

Shoes: !Rotten toe Mary janes fatpack in black

Hat: !Rotten toe Lil zombie crown w/flies group gift

Accessories: !Rotten toe Long rotten stockings & gloves

Eyes: !Rotten toe gemstone eyes fatpack in emmerald NEW!

Makeup: Pekka Vintage mature complete makeup in cherry complete Vintage fair

Rotten toe is back and in a huge way! A whole new store, lots of new items, and the old group gifts are back on the shelf! I myself stopped by and explored the new layout of the store, very spacious and organized. I am proud to announce Rotten toe will be a new sponsor for my blog, and I am more then happy to welcome her. Limo HERE.

I also stopped by Pink ribbon fair and Vintage fair, I experience a lot of lag to PRF, and its so huge! I swear there was so much pink on that sim, I was in heaven. VF is much smaller, and I liked wondering around there too, I bought some new stuff on both sims, so look for them in upcoming blogs. XD Happy shopping as always ghouls.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Post #554 Welcome La petite morte!

Outfit: Gwen Carillon Designs Suni collection

Skin: Modish ShweeterU fatale pale/light/cleavage

Hair: Wasabi pills matchgirl browns pack

Jewelery: Magic nook shoo be doo set in yellow

Dress: Barbie bitch sexy diva dress in cherry

Skin: La petite morte camille pale/cleavage/m1

Hair: Wasabi pills anais mesh hair browns pack

Necklace: Mons long necklace angel in grey

Girls,be sure to welcome La petite morter as my newest sponsor! Mrs. Paine makes poses, skins, tattoo layers, and a few other odds and ends. Be sure to stop by her mainstore and join the in-world group to stay up to date on her latest creations! Limo HERE.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Post #553

Outfit: Sugar & cyanide Off shoulder mesh top & leggings

Hair: Clawtooth please & thanks daring pack Collabor88

Skin: Mirror's enigma vanity fair skintone smokey w/teeth tattoo

Shoes: Barbie bitch stefania Pink ribbon fair

Post #552

Bathing suit: Milk my accident bikini in blue

Breasts: Lolas! push up 2.5

Add-on: lolas skin applier pink fuel honey

Skin: My ugly dorothy Heather burly w/freckles 03 darker

Hair: Action Sandra chai-dipped

Popsicle: MDL grape popsicle dollarbie

Bag: MDL bag beach kit Rorf

Feet: Gaeline creations tip tap toe barefoot mesh feet

Outfit: Milk I'm a flirt dress in b/w

Hair: Clawtooth peek a boo daring pack Collabor88

Nails: Shock factory tasty fruit nails

Bag: WTG the chesire cat baggage

Mrs. Kat suggested goint to to pick up the skin appliers, and it made tinting the boobs such an easier job. I am wearing it in the above pics and it looks a ton better! It was only my second time trying the boobs, and I think they came out looking pretty darn good, myself. XD Just goes to show you, time & patience and help from a friend, really paid off! Thanks KAT! I fell in love with these mesh feet, a lot of different options, nail colors, nail tattoos & nail designs too. Was a lot of fun to try out all the different options and the feet are under 500L.

Post #551 Welcome Milk!

Dresses: Milk cocktail dress (shown in giraffe, leo & zebra) sold separately

Hair: Truth Soleil in colors

Nails/bracelets: Mandala takara bangle gold fur/leather/nail & ring

Skin: My ugly dorothy heather burly pack

Shoes: Miamai dasiy peep in pink

Necklace: oOxa collars nubian princess

Outfit: Milk denim bish body suit (shown in blue & pink) sold separately

Dresses: Milk the breakup dress (shown in pink & red) sold separately

I would like to introduce my newest sponsor, Milk! Mrs. Milk specializes in clothes for the busy gal, VERY busty gal. The dresses, tops, bikinis, and outfits are made for LOLAS breasts, but you don't have to wear them to wear the clothes. I did pick up a pair of breasts to try them out, they are $1,250 and I got the push-up V2. I liked the way they looked, but I found the skin tinting near impossible for the skin I had on. (as you girls know I love the lighter skins) Plus, I HATE having to color match anything anyway, so I gave up after a bit. I love the clothes, they are cute, sexy and girly. Head on over to Milk to pick them up! Limo HERE. Limo to pick up the breasts HERE.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Post #550 Welcome Arsenic & Lace!

Outfit: Arsenic & Lace velvet rose in white Group gift

Hair: Dela mesh hair minna II

Nails: cute bytes cute nails in kitty

Skin: Censored doll skin Group gift

Outfit: Arsenic & Lace chintz in pink

Hair: Truth astrid in colors

Freckles: Miasnow doll freckles (tintable)

Makeup: Damned dollyface w/eyeliner, blush & teeth

Outfit: Arsenic & Lace delphia

Hair: Tameless Alexia in blacks

Eye makeup: Miasnow makeup 2012 XP eyelshadows

Welcome my newest sponsors, ladies, Arsenic & Lace. She specializes in doll, doll keys, accessories & couture. Be sure to join the in-world group for all the information on Arsenic & Lace, also group gifts, and much, more more! Limo HERE

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Post #549

Outfit: Barbie bitch teenage dream outfit in raisin

Hair: Truth maggie in colors

Skin: Izzie's Elena skin in porcelain (purple eyeshadow & blush)

Lipgloss: Mock cosmetics lucir lipcolor fatpack in grape stomp

Post #548

Top: Liquid honey zebra long tee mesh

Pants: Liquid honey money leggings

Boots: Barbie bitch stefania boots mesh in snow

Hair: Truth Betty in colors

Purse: Izzie's heart bag yellow leo

Eye make-up: Pink acid eyelashes & metallic eyeliner 8 pack in pink/white

Lipstick: Pink acid baby doll lips in rose pink

Post #547

Outfit: Barbie bitch baby one more time mesh outfit Pink ribbon fair

Hair: Truth Alexis colors

Skin: Izzie's Elena skin in porcelain (eyeshadow in pink & smokey, eyeliner & lipstick nude rose)

Eyelashes: Pink acid fiercely natural eyelashes #02

Nails: Rezlpsa loc v-day nail pack (glove nails)

Post #546

Top: Dirtyland wet tank tops (8 colors) in black

Skirt: Blueslush zipper mini norma mesh

Boots: Barbie bitch Stefania mesh boots in cherry

Stockings: TDD stripey socks in black

Skin: Izzie's Elena vintage skin VIP group gift August 2012

Eyelashes: Pink acid fiercely natural eyelashes 2 pack (tattoo layers)

Hair: Truth Sileny colors in teal

Monday, August 6, 2012

Post #545

Outfit: GCD slicker catsuit

Eyeliner: chelle eyeliner catty

Hair: Magika 03 draw

Top: Lerazz urban tank rio rigged mesh

Tattoo: Utopiah your envy is my fame

Shorts: Izzie's denim shorts in dark blue

Outfit: Mu-shi doll Lindsey group gift August

Lipstick: Pink acid baby doll lips 6 pack in naturally nude

Post #1890

 On me (bear) Sponsors-  Mello Creepin it real / lamebrain killer bat 01 gacha @Pocket Gacha Nightmare Nail set metallic tip...