Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Post #429

Outfit: Rev Audio {boots,top,jacket,pants,sleeves & elf ears}

Piercing: Rev Noxious

Eyes: Rev eyes fat pack malfunction eyes

Hair: Exxess mesh hair Thalyja blue/black

Nails: Unborn creations Sweet pain extra long nails black

Outfit: Rev Naughty or nice {boots,plugs,wings, 2 dress versions,horns and piercing}

Eyes: Rev cyber eyes pack red

Hair: Exxess mesh Thaylja cyber red

Outfit: Rev Ripped,cut and bloody {top,shoes,skirt,tongue w/razor,leggings, and broken heart}

Hair: Exxess mesh Thaylja snow

Everyone welcome Revenant as my newest sponsor! If your looking for goth, sexy, slutty or cute, this is the place to go. Shapes,clothes,accessories, and a few other things tossed in, here is your limo.

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