Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Outfit: Touch of Ireland Raggedy Ann costume {includes stockings,top,skirt,doll,face tattoo,choker, & hair bow} <3 AliciaKay

Hair: Ploom London reds

Outfit: Touch of Ireland Ursula the sea witch {includes top,earrings,necklace,skin,tentacle skirt,lipstick & compact}

Hair: Ploom Dusty beehive pinks

Outfit: Touch of Ireland Alice in wonderland {includes top,skirt,stockings,hat,choker,pantie & ruffle tails}

Hair: Truth Ebony light blondes

Everyone welcome Touch of Ireland as a sponsor. Mrs. AliciaKay specializes in costumes and formal wear. Sexy,cute,unique, you can find that outfit here. Who says it has to be Halloween to wear a costume?

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