Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Outfit: ZUZU U Panda Kitty pink

Lipglosses: Pink Acid Gummi bear lipglosses & lashes 16 pack

Hair: Exile Malibu light blondes

Another cute outfit from ZUZU U, this is another complete outfit, with everything you see in the picture. Top, shorts, boomers, glasses, ears, tail, collar, armwarmers, and the stars tattoo. On the boomers, its pandas, lollipops and bows, the ears have silver piercings and the tail is black and pink shaded. The lipglosses are absolutely yummy, I took pictures of all the colors in the pack (I didn't wear the tattoo eyelashes that are an option), and that shine you see on them, is NOT from my lighting, its actually on the glosses themselves. I usually don't do much to "enhance" my photos, I consider myself a simple girl. I crop, liquify(I don't like pointy elbows), and blur sometimes but, thats about it. I hope I am not coming off, sounding like a bitch, (even though I am one :p), just stating the facts. Happy shopping as always girls, and thank you to Mrs. Koolkitty and Mrs. Stasey for provding my outfit and make-up. ♥

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