Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post #292

Top: Aura Bound dark pink corset mesh

Skirt: Aura Bullet proof ruffled pencil skirt skull black mesh

Jewelery: Maxi Gossamer Giselle opal set midnight black mesh

Boots: Insolence Christine boots black mesh

Hair: Exile Love song light blondes

Skin: Illusory Love honey smoked light brows & teeth

This post is absolute proof you can wear multiple mesh! Lol, but it took some doing, I had to add everything, and chose my poses carefully. I thought I was going to crash every few seconds, but I managed to stay in. I also think this is my first time going blonde. I have been trying out different hair colors and skins lately, to bring a bigger variety to my blog. I know most girls have their favorite hair color, mine will always remain pink. I am actually brunette irl, (but I would love some pink highlights) so I decided to go that route for a more natural look. I am loving Exile hairs lately, I love the way they look in my photos. Happy shopping ladies! XD

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