Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Look #265- or post #263 according to wordpress

Dress: Useful things for Kawaii Fair Long hoodie kitty mesh

Shoes: MOTHERFUNKEN for Kawaii Fair Kawaii legwarmers heels

Eyes: Blah Bi-colored eyes pink/purple-small eyes

Skin: Modish Fruitjam pale {whore certified}

Hair: Wasabi pills Shiki candies pack mesh hair

Here are a few more things from Kawaii fair, and I even picked up some new eyes to test them out. All in all, I think a cute look. I am a big hello kitty fan, and I plan on going back to the fair to buy anything I missed when I went the other day. The lag was so terrible, I couldn't get much shopping done it seems. See you later girls! XD

Just as a side note, apparently way back when I was still on blogger I miscounted and this is only POST #263.

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