Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Look # 264

Dress: Censored Barbie cupcake dress

Necklace: Splash for Kawaii Fair Fluffy kitty necklace

Headband: Glow studio pink roses hairband

Skin: Izzie's Cristina skin pale

Eyelashes: Izzie's Eyelashes v1.06

Skin: Izzie's Cristina pale all make-up included with skin

Eyeshadows: Izzie's Large area eyeshadow fatpack

Lipsticks: Izzie's Cristina skin heart lipsticks fatpack

Good afternoon ladies. I have a great new set of skins and make-ups from Izzie's to share with you. The make-ups were created as add-ons for the Cristina skin line. In the Cristina skin pack, there are 10 lipsticks and 10 eyeshadows. Also included is the shape(not shown) and light, medium and dark brows. As always a lot of make-up to make you smile. ^_^ Then there are the two add-ons, the large area eyeshadows and heart lipsticks. I took photos of all the colors so you can see what you are getting. Also in the heart lipsticks fatpack, there is a set of tattoo teeth, that you can add. Thank you again Mrs. Izzie, for the wonderful sets.

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