Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh MIA-oh my :)

Hehe, I am so dorky aren't I? Alright, here is what I did today, shopping....well mostly looking not shopping. BUT, I did pick up a few more things. I was hankering for some new winter stuff, and you will be SNOWED over with what I found. As in.. Miasnowed. (I am so good at that aren't I?) Here is the lowdown, rundown and all that jazz.

Skin: Miasnow Love pale liner,red lip
Eyes: Miasnow Soul windows in green
Eyelashes: Miasnow fantasy curls
Top: Miasnow Cloudy long sleeve shirts fatpack in Green
Skirt: Miasnow Bundly sweater skirt TINTABLE
Shoes: Miasnow winter boots in stars TINTABLE

I really liked that the skirt and shoes were tintable, and I changed the colors to Christmas colors, the possibilities really are endless!


Moose fun with a new look!

Morning to all the early risers, out there, its 3 am for me here. Ugh, don't ask. Lol. I put on a new even more cuter outfit, if that is possible. I also got some new eyes, and am wearing my favorite shape and skin combo. I hope you guys like it. All the information is down below for you, so if I bump into you shopping, say, "hello crazy moose/cat lady!"

Shape: Damned Cerise shape
Skin: Damned Alice milk skin/black shadow
Make-up: Damned You wish Red 2 Lips+Liner
Eyelashes: Damned My perfect eyelashes
Eyes: Damned Jabu eyes in Green, large size

Outfit: Crazy Kitty in Christmas Moose, including the Moose backpack having a BLINKING nose! See below!

blinky nose
blinky nose off

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas comes to Epic

Well, I had another trip out. :p Headed out to the Black market and picked up one of the Christmas parasols, and it got me back in the holiday spirit. So I dug through  my inventory and pulled out all my Epic stuff, including skins/shapes I had bought forever ago and never worn for some reason. And here is the result:

Shape: G
Skin: Faelfy Rose bundle
Eyes: Glassy eyes in warm colors in Pink
Outfit: Basic snug hoodie & shorts set in Red
Shoes: Mechanical Mega stompers with spinning fan
Parasol: Snowy Rickety Mushie holiday parasol in Green


Its Christmas time in SL. I hopped on over to the FTLO Black Market where they are putting out Christmas items and picked up an outfit from Sakide. Here is the rundown.

Outfit: Snowflake ballerina dress
Boots: Cutie garlands boot white


Monday, November 28, 2011

An Epic day

Cute, cute and double cute. An Elephant knitted hat! And trust me, its knitted when I zoomed in, I could see the knit stitches. (don't ask, lol) The whole outfit comes from Epic. Got the landmarks and the pictures all ready for you guys, so go shopping!

Top:Epic Baggy fleece sweater pack in Faun
Pants:Epic Sho-low faun baggy bell bottoms Wild! dark blue
Hat:Epic Kawaii elephant knit chapka in Sea green
Faun legs:Epic Knit digi warmers in sea green

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goth glam and new skin/shape!

Well after wearing my skin/shape combo for sooo long I ventured out, and bought 4 different skin/shape/makeups from 3 different companies. Prices ranged from $4,000 to a skin fatpack and $800 for a shape. After a lot of frustration and with me being picky, I settled on a set from Red mint.

I had also won a gift card from a midnight mania board (again you guys need to join Lucky chair zombies inworld) for $200 from Danika, and I bought a new outfit from there. I for one, dont really care for the whole school/student look, but I did like this outfit. So here it is in all its glory.

Skin: Redmint dead skin number 7
Shape: Redmint emo shape
Eyes: Redmint number 1
Hair: Redmint fantasy number 4 in pink
Make-up: Redmint Make-up prime number 5

Outfit: Danika MIS(s)fit gothy emo teen student collection

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter Wonderland and cat crazies! =^..^=

I was feeling in the Christmas spirit, yes even us evil ones, celebrate it.... well in our own twisted ways. :p
I ended up finding this shop that sells the complete outfit, which I LOVE, cause I am lazy. Plus, I like everything to match. Found this, thought it was cute as hell. So here it is. Its from Crazy Kaci Creations. Very cute, highly detailed, hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to join the group so you can slap the midnight mania board and there are lucky chairs in the back.

Outfit: Crazy Kaci creations in Jingle bells cuddle white


Friday, November 25, 2011

Side note to stuff/One extra outfit

Oh, btw, I added a ton of SL people on my facebook page, I am sure they are all going who the heck are you? Lol, but it IS HARD to find SL people on there. Just wanted to say that. If you would like to add me, here is the link:

Also, my Flicker link is:

And, YES, I have this thing about freaking PRIM SKIRTS! OMG, I am sorry but just tell me irl would you really want a square thing covering your crotch with your hoo-haa showing? I think not. I WILL NOT buy an outfit with one in it. I would however like to thank you, Mr. Kevin owner, of Beauty killer for what I am wearing. The top is from a dress, that did have a PRIM SKIRT, but there was an option just to wear the top. SO KUDOS KEVIN! So, yes, dont get me started on PRIM SKIRTS......

Top: Kreeps dresses in Bone
Pants: Half a joker pants in pink
Doctors mask:Surgical mask kitty
Tie: Emo tie in pink sneakers


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Found a completely cute outfit, wanted to share it with you. Hehe, back to my evil ways. The whole outfit including make-up came from Beauty Killer. Its creepy, clownie, and in my opinion, freaking awesome. Tehe, hope you like it, as much as I did. I hope not to pop into a bunch of other clowns, in the next few days. :p
Zombie cat says mrrowwww...........

Beauty Killer:
Outfit: Baggy cat in Green
Shoes: Funky chuckers
Crown: Kawaii crown
Make-up(including a black and a red nose): Clown paint

Prim nails in Sexy mama geeks and freaks manicure
Marketplace link:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, I am sure I will go off my diet..well just for today. Hope you all have a Happy Turkey day, and here is another Thanksgiving themed outfit for ya.

Outfit from Les Sucreries de Fairy in "Thanksgiving Squash box".

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gone to the light side?...

Don't worry guys, I haven't. I am still your dark little kitteh. Just found different styles of clothes to show sometimes. :p First item is the outfit, its a bodysuit from Maai. Very sexy, easy to throw on, and looks very cute too with the ruffles. Also I am a prim nail kick and found some really nice ones. Hope you enjoy the outfit.

Corset/Bodysuit from Maai called "Luana in magenta"

Prim nails from Mandala in "Milky way nails and ring"
Marketplace link:

Black choker from Mandala in "Milky way choker/black wind"
Marketplace link:

BIG SALE AT LOLAPOP! All her items are 32 lindens in honor of her birthday and opening of her SL store. I am wearing one piece that you can change the color, and you guys know me, I love variety! BTW the first picture is in pink and the second one is in teal.

Choker from Lolapop in "Cthulu cameo necklace"
Lip piercing from Lolapop in "Ladybug lip ring"
You guys be sure to stop in this weekend only while the sale is going on!

Emo Kitteh

Out on one of my many shopping excursions, lol, alright like 10th trip out, I went over to B***** tail. I won't say the name, cause its naughty. I fell in love with one of their outfits, so I picked it up. On the board, it also said where the shoes came from, so I just had to go and get those too. Here is the lowdown on this outfit.

Outfit: BT Passion in black
Shoes: Death row designs in impetuous black
Prim nails: Onyx wear in Anti flick black nails

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dark Elf

I know, I did it again, two blogs in one day. BUT, I won another outfit off of a Midnight Mania board, and I liked it so much I thought I would blog about it. Its from Virtual Attire and its called "Little goth elf". Very dark, but also sexy. I love that it has the whole outfit, from the combat boots to the stockings, to a big neck scarf. So here it is, and the landmark to find it at.

I love Zombies!

Hehe, actually its true. Mmm... zombies. Hope you like the outfit, thought it was pretty cute. Plus the brain cupcake?! Come on....awesome! Here is the lowdown for the outfit.

Meat 'N' More I heart zombies T-shirt
Meat 'N' More brains cupcake mouthie

Beauty Killer Punkrock princess jeans in Red

Mindshift Sawblade heels in Black

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Frosted Innocence

I would like to thank the group I am in called "Lucky chair zombies", people call out Midnight mania boards, and lucky chairs, and this was a FREE outfit I won last night. SO thank you to the group and to the person(s) who called out this board. Its from Wishbox and its "Luminary Celestial Goddess" in a beautiful silver and light blue tone. Shoes, wand, and tiara are included.
Wishbox landmark:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Angelic but with a little devil tossed in

Don't I look insane? Lol, so angelic. Pfft.. thought it looked hot so I decided to blog about it. Alright here is the lowdown. BTW this was like my gabilionith attempt on prim nails, and these worked! so Kudos!

Outfit including shoes: La Nuit from Envious

Prim nails from Sexy mama's

Your nightmare belly button ring from Envi

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