Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Smorgasbord 7#

Only 3 more Smorgasbords after this! D: oh noes! I decided to do ten with 3 outfits, for a total of 30 outfits! That's a lot of shopping. That puts us up to Christmas Eve, I swear that is a coincidence, trust me! Lol, I didn't plan this out, it just kinda happened.

Outfit 1#
Outfit: FAC Freezing hot outfit, which is the complete outfit
Marketplace link:
Elf ears: M77 elven ears in Marsi Christmas
Marketplace link:

Outfit 2#
Top/Jacket: Buttercups Vintage denim fur jacket
Marketplace link:
Pants: Dark demin block jeans
Marketplace link:

Outfit 3#
Dress: Pinkmares Rolita in red
Eye make-up/Christmas lights necklace/gouged candy cane eye: ED Christmas crisis

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