Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Smorgasbord 2#

Got some more great Christmas items up for grabs guys! I have also been zombie hunting, which is kinda odd, since I am a zombie, but I wanted to try it! Won some really great stuff, maybe you guys should try it? Just don't shoot me!

Outfit 1#
Top: Vintage tea darlin its cold in plum
Pants: Vintage tea tea time jeans in cream
Scarf: Vintage tea wool time in grey
Shoes: Pixel fashion Winty boots Xmax women wearing the snowshoes

Outfit 2#
Dress: Lemon tree Tinsel tree dress in Red
Hair accessory: Razorblade jacket gift bow in My baby
Mouth accessory: S.D. X-mas branch
Marketplace link :

Outfit 3#
Beauty killer in Snow bunny

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