Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back to my dark ways...muaahhha...somewhat

Sorry guys, I am one with the dark side, but that doesn't mean I can't look bloody sexy doing it!!!!!! *laughs evilly* I am still sticking with the "Christmas theme" and I got an outfit, that is gorgeous, furry, and will have the boys drooling over you. (wait that is a gross image, you know what I mean) So I typed in couture in marketplace, to find some interesting things for you zombies, and this is what I found.

Outfit:Mimikri Piz in Cumin
The top and shorts, have a fur fringe, making you look sexy and a like a playful kitten.

Shoes: Dita's ribbon boot couture in Coo coo Chanel edition #1
Lots of detail, I tried to capture that in the picture. The ribbon gives it a real feminine flair.
Marketplace link:

Ring: JCNY NYC holiday couture gift ring
Stunningly beautiful, it sparkles, and looks like a gift bow. AND its only $10 lindens!

Hat: Bliss Couture Leisha Couture Hat/Headdress (Horror collection)
What can I saw? Its goth-ingly gorgeous! 

Hair: LeLutka in Biggest hair in pitch (no hairbase)

Make-up: Pink acid in Starburst lip gloss, blush and eyeliner

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