Friday, November 25, 2011

Side note to stuff/One extra outfit

Oh, btw, I added a ton of SL people on my facebook page, I am sure they are all going who the heck are you? Lol, but it IS HARD to find SL people on there. Just wanted to say that. If you would like to add me, here is the link:

Also, my Flicker link is:

And, YES, I have this thing about freaking PRIM SKIRTS! OMG, I am sorry but just tell me irl would you really want a square thing covering your crotch with your hoo-haa showing? I think not. I WILL NOT buy an outfit with one in it. I would however like to thank you, Mr. Kevin owner, of Beauty killer for what I am wearing. The top is from a dress, that did have a PRIM SKIRT, but there was an option just to wear the top. SO KUDOS KEVIN! So, yes, dont get me started on PRIM SKIRTS......

Top: Kreeps dresses in Bone
Pants: Half a joker pants in pink
Doctors mask:Surgical mask kitty
Tie: Emo tie in pink sneakers


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