Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moose fun with a new look!

Morning to all the early risers, out there, its 3 am for me here. Ugh, don't ask. Lol. I put on a new even more cuter outfit, if that is possible. I also got some new eyes, and am wearing my favorite shape and skin combo. I hope you guys like it. All the information is down below for you, so if I bump into you shopping, say, "hello crazy moose/cat lady!"

Shape: Damned Cerise shape
Skin: Damned Alice milk skin/black shadow
Make-up: Damned You wish Red 2 Lips+Liner
Eyelashes: Damned My perfect eyelashes
Eyes: Damned Jabu eyes in Green, large size

Outfit: Crazy Kitty in Christmas Moose, including the Moose backpack having a BLINKING nose! See below!

blinky nose
blinky nose off

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