Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dead tattoos and custom jewelery

Alright, you guys now me, or at least a little about me. I have a wicked sense of humor. As in, sick, lol. I decided to order my first piece of custom jewelery, never done it before. I just got back my order and I am over the graveyard. (Or over the moon as they say) I am so pleased with it, so I thought I would blog about it. It's from "Laciecakes." I actually ordered two pieces, but since so many things are going in this blog, I opted to do the necklace. Too cute. It also comes with a HUD, to change the metal color, gem color, stone color, etc. Freaking awesome. Hehe I WOULD do a picture of it, but IT IS custom work. :p

I am also on a Pinkmares kick this week, IDK, I just love their clothes. I am wearing the outfit I won from the Midnight Mania board, called *PH* Poofelina fat pack. I am wearing pink, cause its my favorite color. I am also wearing shoes from Pinkmares called *PH* Crazies in black/pink.

My face tattoo, and I had to search on Marketplace for it (I typed in skull tattoo), pulled up several and bought several as well. The one I am wearing came from "Little Pricks" and its called "bones face tattoo", which I ended up going and buying in world. 

Pictures and landmarks are listed for you guys, so have fun.

Little Pricks landmark:
Laciecake landmark:

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